The Smashing Pumpkins, 070 Shake, Christina Aguilera — a playlist of the best new tracks from past week

Abhinav Jai Singh

Jun 11, 2018 15:36:20 IST

It can be tough to keep track of all the singles and albums being released each week on different streaming services. With surprise releases, unexpected diss-tracks, reissues and remasters, and brand new songs — good new music can get increasingly cluttered.

This is where our playlist comes in. The best tracks released each week will be featured here so you can keep updating your phones with the latest music from across genres.

1. 'The Rover' by Interpol

When Interpol released a statement saying they have an important announcement to make, fans feared they'll be announcing a hiatus or a split. Thankfully, the New York City rockers announced a new album, Marauder, and released a fresh single titled 'The Rover'. The lively, polished track is driven by a hypnotic guitar hook and vocals shrouded in brisk strangeness to re-create the familiar Interpol charm.

Listen to 'The Rover' here.

2. 'Solara' by The Smashing Pumpkins

When The Smashing Pumpkins reunited with the "original line-up", fans of '90s rock were, well, glad. Frontman Billy Corgan's antics outside the world of music has alienated a number of fans. To top that, Corgan's very public feud with original Pumpkins bassist, D'arcy Wretzky, only made matters worse. But, pulling a massive surprise, the band released a brand new single, 'Solara'. The track, first in 18 years, has been produced by Rick Rubin and has the signature Pumpkins sound; but with some modern touches. The loudness of the guitars are not as downcast as they were on their seminal releases. But at least they made good on the promise of new music.

Listen to 'Solara' here.

3. 'My Own Grave' by As I Lay Dying

After months of anticipation, As I Lay Dying finally made a comeback with their original line-up six years after the release of their last album Awakened. Why was the band inactive? Because frontman Tim Lambesis was imprisoned for hiring a hitman to bump-off his wife. That plan was foiled, and Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison. He got out in December 2016 and eventually remarried. Their new single, 'My Own Grave', is a classic AILD track. There's fast-paced metal riffs, long-drawn screams, and catchy clean vocals as the hook.

Listen to 'My Own Grave' here.

4. 'Brief Exchange' by Chino Moreno

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno shared 'Brief Exchange'; a solo track inspired by DC Comics’ new graphic novel Dark Nights: Metal: Deluxe Edition. Moreno recorded the song with guitarist Tyler Bates (ex-Marilyn Manson), drummer Gil Sharone (of Dillinger Escape Plan and Puscifer), and producer Mike Elizondo on bass. With intense metal riffs underlined with a dark, twisted bass-line, the song has some serious Deftones vibes. Chino Moreno's signature gut-wrenching screams feature here along with the familiar ghostly reverbs.

Listen to 'Brief Exchange' here.

5. 'Have A Cigar' by Fidlar (Pink Floyd cover)

Los Angeles punk rockers Fidlar dropped a brand new single; a cover of Pink Floyd's classic 'Have A Cigar'. Fidlar give the song a unique spin. With distorted guitars, muffled production, and rage-filled screams, Fidlar turns Floyd's classic blues rock into angry punk. The song samples Dr. Dre's 'Forgot About Dre', and also gives credit to Arctic Monkeys.

Listen to 'Have A Cigar' here.

(clockwise) The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Cristina Aguilera, 070 Shake.

(clockwise) The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Christina Aguilera, 070 Shake.

6. 'Mirrors' by 070 Shake

Not many had heard of the New Jersey singer/rapper 070 Shake before she was featured on the last two tracks of Kanye West's new album ye. 070 Shake has seized the opportunity in the aftermath of her blowing up, and has released a brand new video from her album Glitter. The song, titled 'Mirrors', is just as gloomy, despair-ridden and laid-back as her verses on ye. The video shows her driving a Mustang along a coastline in an all consuming, self-destructive road-trip.

Listen to 'Mirrorshere.

7. 'seedless' by serpentwithfeet

New York-based avant-garde artist serpentwithfeet's music is an eccentric mix of soul and electronic. Josiah Wise, who performs as serpentwithfeet, released the single 'seedless' co-produced with Clams Casino. serpentwithfeet’s trembling falsetto is present in all its glory here. The structure displayed on 'seedless' is different from the album's previous singles that were more erratic and unpredictable in nature. The church bell sounds, and Wise's androgynous voice makes his debut album, soil, even more intriguing than it already is.

Listen to 'seedless' here.

8. 'Sorcererz' by Gorillaz

Gorillaz released a new track in the run-up to the release of their new album The Now Now. 'Sorcererz' is a slow, funky jam and sounds like the perfect interlude between their two previously released tracks; the indie-rock 'Humility' and the house-music inspired 'Lake Zurich'. Damon Albarn's voice sounds croaky creating a light, almost weightless atmosphere.

Listen to 'Sorcererz' here.

9. 'Like I Do' by Christina Aguilera feat. GoldLink

Christina Aguilera is set to make a return with a studio album, and the new track showcases how distinctly different the pop-star now sounds. On a new pop and hip-hop infused track, Aguilera maintains her signature smooth, sultry vibe. Produced by Anderson .Paak, 'Like I Do' is a sexy, flute-driven summer song.

Listen to 'Like I Do' here.

10. 'Come Over' by The Internet

Taken from The Internet's forthcoming album Hive Mind, the lead track ‘Come Over’ is witty and has been inspired by a romantic comedy storyline. The song has soft and bouncy groove lines and is just as catchy as anything the band has released before.

Listen to 'Come Over' here.

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