The Russo Brothers 'reveal' title of Avengers 4 at San Diego Comic-Con, leave fans confused

FP Staff

Jul 26, 2018 12:33:54 IST

The fan hysteria around the Avengers franchise does not seem to simmer down. While Marvel skipped this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the Russo Brothers, who are also producing Syfy's Deadly Class TV series, made a surprise appearance at the event.

The Russo Brothers sent in a video for the fans that played before the start of Saturday's Deadly Class Comic-Con panel. Joe and Anthony Russo found a clever way to troll the fans about the secretive title of the Avengers: Infinity War sequel.

 The Russo Brothers reveal title of Avengers 4 at San Diego Comic-Con, leave fans confused

The Russo Brothers/Image from Twitter.

According to, the Russo brothers began the video by thanking fans and telling them how exciting the new series is going to be. The director duo then apologised for not being able to make it to Comic-Con as they were busy working on "a little movie called Avengers -----". When the second part of the title was delivered, a loud beep rang over the words, censoring what was being said. The two directors then nagged one another for spoiling the title of Avengers 4. They said the title out loud once again and the beep covered what was being said.

Internet lip-readers stepped up trying to figure out what the Russo brothers said, but were not able to decipher the Avengers 4 title because the Russo Brothers did not actually say the real thing. They were actually repeating nonsense words, massively trolling fans in the process.

The internet was quick to respond to the epic troll of the Russo brothers:

Avengers 4 is slated to release on 3 May, 2019.

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Updated Date: Jul 26, 2018 12:33:54 IST