Good news! Chuck Palahnuik is working on Fight Club 2 as a graphic novel

FP Staff

Aug 15, 2016 14:22:20 IST

Fight Club was one of the most iconic books of our time that managed to capture the confusion, apathy and social isolation that were hallmarks of a the fast evolving global technological landscape.

Good news is, now there's Fight Club 2 in the pipeline, and that too in a graphic novel form.

Good news! Chuck Palahnuik is working on Fight Club 2 as a graphic novel

A still from Fight Club. Image from Flicker.

The twenty year old book concentrates on the life of the unnamed narrator and his split personality Tyler Durden.

It attempts a broader disillusioned group to assert their own identities and destinies through 'Project Mayhem', a fight club that grew into a broader cult of socio-cultural antagonism, and redefined the materialistic principles of modern America.

The message of the vastly popular book still echoes true with its millions of readers who still swear by the book, and of course love the film adaptation starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

It was 2015 when Dark Horse Comics (the force behind Hellboy) and came out with Fight Club 2, a graphic novel sequel to the original book.

The 10 issue graphic novel is written by Palahnuik is illustrated by Cameron Stewart and David Mack. Fight club 2 has the same characters return to screen, now a decade older, with a critical eye at the themes in the original novel. The graphic novel finally identifies the nameless narrator: his name is 'Sebastian'.

Will the graphic novel get a movie adaptation? There's no talk of a project into works, but Palahnuik did say that he was working on the Fight Club 3 which will release in 2018.

Updated Date: Aug 15, 2016 14:22:20 IST