The Punisher trailer: Guns and gore galore in Netflix's latest Marvel offering

Parul Sharma

Sep 21, 2017 19:44:27 IST

The first full trailer of the upcoming Nextflix show, Marvel's The Punisher, was released recently giving us a detailed look into the vigilante's vengeful (read: bloody) quest. The Punisher was given his own solo series after his character made a memorable appearance in the second season of (another Marvel show on Netflix) The Daredevil.

The Punisher trailer: Guns and gore galore in Netflixs latest Marvel offering

From the trailer for The Punisher. YouTube screengrab

With Jon Bernthal taking up the role of Frank Castle (aka The Punisher), the trailer kicks off with a sequence of Castle with his family before they were brutally murdered. We see him teaching his young daughter how to play the guitar, along with reminiscing about his son and wife on a merry-go-round. Cut to dark, contrasting scenes of Castle sitting all alone. The video then depicts a dream in which Castle's wife is shot in front of his eyes by a masked perpetrator.

The trailer gives us a few familiar faces along with the new characters that are all set to make their appearance on the show. It does its best not to reveal the crux of the plot upon which the series is based, however it manages to piece together different events that give us a glimpse of how the show will progress; without giving away too much, as Castle investigates the latest conspiracy, all the while being pursued by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The two minutes and 28 seconds long trailer also gives us a look at The Punisher's ally Microchip (a character from the comics). Microchip seems to be the technical brain behind The Punisher's operations.

There are guns, gore and guts galore in this new Netflix series which seems to delve deep into government conspiracies and hacking as it wades into exciting, albeit chartered territory.

The show is expected to release by the end of 2017.

Watch the trailer of The Punisher here:

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