'The Lego Batman Movie' trailer: This could be the superhero movie we need, and deserve

Rohini Nair

Mar 25, 2016 14:32:13 IST

The dust of the world's collective disappointment over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has only just begun to rise, but already, we may have something of a saving grace. We speak, naturally, of that masterpiece of modern filmmaking-in-the-making: The Lego Batman Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie trailer: This could be the superhero movie we need, and deserve

The Lego Batman Movie. Screen grab from YouTube

We’ve only had one teaser-trailer come out — which focuses on the Batcave – and already the plaudits are flowing in: Could this be the Deadpool film that children will be allowed to see? Is it a smash hit in the making?

The Lego Batman Movie (tag line: “He’s back. In Black... and Yellow.”) has Will Arnett reprising his role as Gotham’s favourite vigilante to fear. Incidentally, his Arrested Development cast-mate Michael Cera voices Robin.

The trailer (which as Arnett/Batman announces has been “written, directed, sound-mixed, choreographed and painstakingly beatboxed — by me”) brings back some of his gags from The Lego Movie – including his inability to hit anything at all with his batarangs (oh sorry Batman, we meant your ‘ability to hit everything with…’). As for the rest, we’re glad to inform you that it is all very, very new.

For starters, Batman surprises us with a hitherto unseen and un-chronicled talent — beatboxing. This Batman is also remarkably up to date with new age lingo, dropping terms like “sick” and “dope” with as much ease as he does his beats. Clearly, this gangsta side to Batman is too precious to miss.

Have you ever wondered what Batman is like when he’s off duty, and not brooding about his batty past? The Lego Batman Movie attempts to answer this, and other important questions. Such as, what music does Batman like to listen to when he enters his Batcave? What does Batman’s bum look like? What does Batman like to eat? And finally, does Batman ever make a mistake when he’s using the microwave and Alfred isn’t around to help?

You will be surprised, and delighted, by some of the answers.

All of which leads us to believe – The Lego Batman Movie is not only the superhero film we need, it is also the superhero film we deserve.

Don't just take our word for it! Watch the trailer here:


Updated Date: Mar 25, 2016 14:32:13 IST