The Hulk's human alter ego Bruce Banner to be killed off by Marvel: Here's why

Ankita Maneck

Jul 14, 2016 14:31:24 IST

Mark Ruffalo might not be seen in many Avengers movies in the future and the reason for it is that Marvel has killed off The Hulk's human alter ego Bruce Banner in it's latest comic.

The character is seen dying as a result of an arrow to the head from Hawkeye, a fellow Avenger, in the third issue of Civil War II #3, reports BBC. Hawkeye kills off Doctor Banner because he believes that The Hulk will unleash massive death and destruction, but the events that lead to this are not known. Banner had asked his friend to kill him in the event of any disaster that The Hulk might cause.

Amadeus Cho as the new Hulk. Twitter @MarcusErrico

Amadeus Cho as the new Hulk. Twitter @MarcusErrico

Doctor Bruce Banner has been transforming into The Hulk since it's first comic in 1962. However, Banner had been taking a little break from playing superhero to deal with his anger issues in 2015. During that time, he passed the torch to a teenage genius, Korean-American Amadeus Cho, to carry on his work.

Speaking about this major character death, Marvel Editor in Chief told NY Daily News "This is uncharted territory for us," and, that "Only two things are for certain: It will take a long, long time for our heroes to come to terms with his loss, and the circumstance surrounding his death will leave a huge scar on the superhero community."

But it is interesting to note that Marvel, like Ekta Kapoor, has a practice of bringing back it's heroes back from the dead. Captain America and Spider-Man died tragically in the comic books only to be revived within a year. DC comics also made headlines when it killed off Superman in 1992 to be brought back to life faster than Mihir was brought back from the dead in the soap Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bhahu Thi.

Till the fate of doctor Banner hangs on the edge, here's a brief about Amadeus Cho, who might be chosen to carry on Banner's legacy by turning into the green monster.

Amadeus Cho was first introduced in the 2006 comic book AMAZING FANTASY #15. The Korean-American 15 year old is the 8th smartest person on the planet. After a tragedy that leaves him orphaned and homeless, he has a chance encounter with The Hulk which inspires him to become a superhero. The young boy, unlike his predecessor, loves turning into The Hulk, because he feels like he can make a difference.

The Hulk, and doctor Bruce Banner have always been popular with fans. There are numerous TV and movie adaptations of the comic, with Mark Ruffalo's stint in the Avengers' movies being just one of them.

Bill Bixby played the character for the late 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk, and stalwarts like Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk in 2008) and Eric Bana (Hulk in 2003) have portrayed the doctor on the big screen.

Updated Date: Jul 14, 2016 14:31:24 IST