The girly girl’s guide to good American tv


Apr 15, 2013 15:00:40 IST

By Anuya Jakatdar

Ladies, let’s just admit it — we need TV. We need it as much as we need trendy desserts, Zara sales and Men Who Buy Us Shoes for No Reason At All (why is this not a Facebook group yet?). Without TV, we’ll never learn life’s most valuable lessons, such as if you’re a wisecracking surgeon at a hospital in Seattle, everyone you know will sooner or later die a horrible death. Or if your plane crashes on an island, the smoke monster isn’t some misunderstood lovable big guy, so please Google “purgatory” before you try and hug it out.

Like every closed car window at a signal, TV is a reflection of society, as long as society is composed of impossibly-perfect looking people loony-ing it up for the rest of us so that we can all go, “Oh look! They may look perfect but they’re sleeping with their twins! We’re all the same and where’s my DAMN WINE? IT’S 4 P.M. ALREADY!"

There are a few shows I’ve earmarked for their intelligent female-centric humour and they don't necessarily write me a reality cheque. Cerebral fluff, I call it. If you’re one of those whose favourite forum thread is still “But were they on a break?”, it’s time you legally bought these shows or watched their censored, designed-to-keep-our-hearts-pure versions aired on TV.

Let’s start with Cougar Town, the most underrated TV comedy of this generation. Jules Cobb is a recently-divorced mother coming to terms with being newly single in her 40s. She is surrounded by a group of crackpot friends who feed off each other and create gems like the Morning Routine Song, which I believe should be sung to me at 8 am, every day by a dwarf dressed like Elvis.

The girly girl’s guide to good American tv

A still from New Girl. Courtesy: Facebook

Then there’s New Girl, the show responsible for slapping on star Zooey Deschanel the term “adorkable”. It’s broadly about a girl named Jessica Day moving in with three boys who have urinals in their bathroom and a douchebag jar in the kitchen. The best part of the show is undoubtedly Jess’s sizzling sexual chemistry with roomie/ bestie Nick Miller. The tension is so thick that you can cut a slice for yourself and use it to voodoo your office crush.

Third on this list is Hart of Dixie. When you watch a show despite its protagonists all drawling like drunk men skating on glass, you know the writing must be good. Hart of Dixie is the story of Dr Zoe Hart, a New York surgeon who leaves her high-powered job to become a GP in a small town in Alabama. It contains all the important chick-flick ingredients: an ill-fated love, a shirtless distraction, an arch nemesis, an African-American best friend and a pet alligator named Burt Reynolds. A perfect watch to help recover from a breakup, a hernia operation or the recession.

I’d like to conclude this short roundup with Girls, a bit of an exception because everyone likes to talk about how really real it is with its portrayal of the realities of real world relationships. It started off well, with its brutal, cringing depiction of the egotistic and obsessive nature of today’s 20-somethings, but lost track somewhere along the way and became 122 Outrageous Reasons for Lena Dunham to be Naked. Still, it’s hilarious and identifiable in the most twisted of ways, so if you’re 20-something in a big, bad city looking for love, Girls will show you what you’re doing wrong.

Now that you know what to do when you’re sitting at home seriously considering taking up bonsai as a hobby, I suggest you go ahead, watch these shows, and tell me what you thought in that comments section below which, FYI, is not the right place to link to porn sites. (Just DM them to me on Twitter, bro. THX. FIST BUMP.)

Updated Date: Apr 15, 2013 16:12:01 IST

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