Three hilarious comedians and one eager-to-be-roasted host: The Firstpost Show

FP Staff

October 13, 2016 11:51:19 IST

The Firstpost Show with Renil Abraham had a special 'Stand-up Comedians Edition' this week featuring Daniel Fernandes, Jeevshu Ahluwalia and Sundeep Rao. The trio will be performing at the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival from 14-16 October 2016.

​The show started with a discussion about the different kinds of audience that they have dealt with during their stand-up acts considering the audience, interaction with them and connecting with them are important aspects of a successful act. Renil asked them about the weirdest audience members they've dealt with and all three had unbelievably funny stories to share. While Sundeep and Jeeveshu had men who stumped them with witty and unpredictable answers, Daniel had what he called 'an unbalanced psycho woman' who went up to him on the stage and asked for his mic.

Post-interview, we had our host who was eager to get roasted and made the comedians play a game called 'Roast your Host' where they were asked to make fun of Renil.

Before you head out for laughs at the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival by Comedy Central India starting tomorrow, make sure to watch this fun chat with three hilarious men and one eager-to-be-roasted host only on The Firstpost Show with Renil Abraham.

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