The Firstpost Show: John Abraham talks narcissism, sleazy pick-up lines, and explains these Hindi song lyrics hilariously

FP Staff

Mar 22, 2016 12:30:46 IST

John Abraham is currently busy promoting his film Rocky Handsome, which promises to showcase even more high-octane action sequences than the actor has performed in the past. When John sat down for a chat with us for The Firstpost Show, he seemed relaxed and confident about the film.

We began by quizzing him about the somewhat narcissistic title of his film — and the actor admitted that it was something he had brought up as well. John tells us that director Nishikant Kamath saw him in a tuxedo once, and exclaimed, ‘You look handsome’ — and the next thing they knew, they had a movie title.

While they couldn’t use their first choice “Johnny Handsome” because of the Mickey Rourke film from 1989 with the same name, they thought “Rocky Handsome” worked just as well. As for the narcissism of having a film named after his character, with the adjective “handsome” in it, John says, he left it to Nishikant’s discretion.

Movie matters aside, John also sportingly submitted to our rapid-fire round of questions. While we would say he did fairly well on most of our questions (after all, not everyone would give out what their most ‘sleazy pick-up line’ had been), his explanation of the lyrics for the song “Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga” from the Anil Kapoor-Juhi Chawla starrer Andaaz was in a league of its own!

Watch John's interview here:

Updated Date: Mar 22, 2016 13:05:32 IST