The Firstpost Playlist: Britney Spears, William Fitzsimmons, Jai Paul and The XX

FP Staff

Sep,03 2016 10:19:39 IST

It's another week, another playlist. And what have we got for you this weekend? Lots of eclectic music. From mainstream pop to electro tracks, and even the stolen, unfinished music of a hyper-reclusive artist, tune in, to tune out:

'Lions' by William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons doesn't make songs, he makes lullabies. His music is smooth and melancholic; Fitzsimmons' melancholy is of a different kind — it is acutely aware of life's greatness and ungreatness. He is Damien Rice without too much drama or pain — there is a que sera sera resignation in his wonderful harmonies. I would recommend his album, Goodnight (it is based on his parents' divorce and it took such an emotional toll on him that it also led to his own divorce) only for those who can appreciate sadness, melancholy and a general aloneness, which defines any existence.

— Vishnupriya Bhandaram

'Cybele's Reverie' by Stereolab

This is the fourth album released by British alternative rock band Stereolab in April 1996. Stereolab bounces along layers swinging in a space '60s style with dancing Farfisa organs. Mary Hansen provides the hum-alongs to Sadier's French lyrics. The medly of keyboards, saxophone, vibes, bass, and drums create a nostalgic danceable tune. If you are a fan of 90s alternative music, then this is your pick!

— Ankita Maneck

'You Got The Love' by The XX

A cover of Florence + the Machine's 'You Got The Love', this track by The XX has a laidback, electro feel that's very different from the full-bodied tone of the original. It takes the best bit from the original (that kinky hook) and brings it front and centre, adding a catchy beat that'll have you playing this track on loop. You know how some songs end too quickly, and you wish they went on a little bit longer? The XX extend 'You Got The Love' to a full 5.45 minutes, and the keep the tempo building right to the end.

— Rohini Nair

'Criminal (Harley Quinn & Joker)' by Britney Spears

There are three kinds of people who will love my song recommendation this week. a) People who love Britney Spears (including yours truly, who has immense respect for people who continue to push on, and make music, no matter how shitty everything else is); b) People who loved Suicide Squad, and especially the crazy, wacky subplot of Harley Quinn and Joker; and c) People who find mystery and thrill in doing the rebellious, in doing the opposite of "what you're supposed to do", in being a subversion, a non-conformist.

For those of you who are all three, welcome to my world.

The music of Suicide Squad is amazeballs, but that's hardly news. What I love about this addictive Britney song is that it has been tailored to fit into the Harley Quinn-Joker universe, and it fits in beautifully. It's unapologetic, not pretentious and a riot to sing along and bob your head to.

Go home tonight and bring in the weekend by playing this version of Criminal on loop. Then feel smug about yourself for being awesome!

— Swetha Ramakrishnan

'Lost In The Static' by After The Burial

(Contains growled vocals.)

The band After The Burial has been through a lot. There was quite a bit of skepticism whether the band would even stay togther after the untimely demise of their band member Justin Lowe, who was suffering from mental health issues. But the band decided to pull it together and dig deep to put forth the record in Justin's memory. The album is the band's best work and I hope that they stay together because their strong sound, heavy-hitting melodies and unforgettable riffs truly make them one of the best in the modern metal genre. The Egyptian-esque starting riff of this song itself is a sound for sore ears. If you have something that you're mad about (which I always am really) Dig Deep is the album for you.

— Siddhi Desai

Unknown song, by Jai Paul

Jai Paul might be one of the most elusive music artists of our time. A quick Google search would lend less than 10 pictures of the British electronic musician whose claim to fame is just as strange as his music is.

It’s hard to be signed by a record label after years and years of struggle, but to be signed on the basis of a song’s demo speaks volumes about the talent that Jai Paul holds.

But we might never know his true potential after a leak in 2013 released his delayed album online, illegally. What happened next was something that most Jai Paul fans feared would happen. The elusive artist went into hiding yet again and has yet to appear publicly and make any music.

While I hate to share his stolen unfinished track, this song in particular might change your mind about a lot of ways music and in particular the electronic variant, is perceived nowadays.

— Shashank Nair

Updated Date: Sep 03, 2016 10:19 AM