The egg that dethroned Kylie Jenner's post to become most liked Instagram picture has started to crack

FP Staff

Jan 23, 2019 16:41:43 IST

The mystery of the world famous egg continues to deepen. After an egg overtook Kylie Jenner's record for the most number of likes for a photo, the Instagram account shared two other photos. While the first picture showed a minor crack on the smooth, brown surface of the egg, the latest photo features the egg with some deep cracks on it. Social media has taken notice of this 'egg-citing' development and are debating on who is going to hatch out of the record-shattering egg.

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Egg-xactly, what could be happening with the egg? Whereas some netizens think that it could the gender reveal of Kylie Jenner's child, others conjecture that it could be crushing under the weight of millions of likes. Other feel that another yolk-covered influencer might emerge out of the viral egg. The ordinary (or is it ?) picture of an orange and lightly freckled egg became viral on Instagram as it dethroned Kylie Jenner's birth announcement picture by a huge margin. The picture currently has over 50 million likes.

Updated Date: Jan 23, 2019 16:41:43 IST