The curious case of Natalie Portman's pantless interview with The New York Times

FP Staff

Jul 15, 2016 16:04:23 IST

Natalie Portman, actress and Harvard graduate is making her directorial debut with the movie A Tale of Love and Darkness. 

The New York Times' T magazine decided to let famed novelist Jonathan Safran Foer — of Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close — interview her about her directorial debut. In a string of 'intimate' emails exchanged between them, Safran Foer, who writes about the Holocaust and Judaism, quizzed Portman on topics ranging from the complexities of Israel (which is the subject for her directorial debut) and how she balances her career with motherhood. Here's glimpse of the story:

The wonderful interview, which gives us an insight into the brilliant actress's mind, had Portman featured standing by an open french window, sporting a sweater and socks. She had forgot to put on a pair of pants, even though the cold weather made her wear woolen clothing and socks. This photo went viral online and sparked a debate about feminism on twitter.

Why does an actress who is an Harvard graduate, need to show off her legs to get attention from readers? Why does a newspaper, that prides itself on it's intellectualism and rationalism, need to ask an actress, who is talking about her struggle with being an Israeli in America, not to put on pants for it's cover story? Would they do the same for a male counterpart?

Twitter blew up with comments about the cover story that range from being outraged, to a weary sense of humor directed towards the sexist attitude of The New York Times. Here are a few best ones:

Updated Date: Jul 15, 2016 16:04:23 IST