The Chainsmokers release new single 'The One': Is this the new breakup anthem?

FP Staff

Mar 28, 2017 16:32:49 IST

Electronic duo The Chainsmokers has become the American version of Honey Singh: their songs, with oversimplified lyrics and catchy choruses, are played over and over again at clubs so many times, you can almost smell the alcohol when you hear them.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have now released a new song from their forthcoming full-length debut studio album Memories... Do Not Open as a 'countdown single'. The track in question is the album's opener: 'The One'.

The duo debuted the song on Twitter calling it their first ever ballad:

The over synthesized electro ballad is co-written by Emily Schwartz, who also co-wrote 'Don't Let Me Down'. In it The Chainsmokers lead singer Andrew Taggart sings about a dying relationship. "Before one of us takes a chance / And breaks this, I won't be the one"

Here's The Chainsmokers explanation about the song: "The song is specifically is about two things, in the first verse is just about how much our life has changed recently, how we miss out and skip things as a result of putting this all first, and its just been sort of crazy realizing how deep we are in it now and how life is complicated. The other half deals with the idea of knowing a relationship is just over and isn’t working out but being too scared to end it, something we all can relate…"

The guys gives us a touch of the synth before it's finished, but this is not the big dance moment of the album. Memories...Do Not Open out everywhere Friday,7  April.

Is this song worth a listen? If you need a new breakup song to croon to, yes. Here is the new song:

Updated Date: Apr 07, 2017 13:27:10 IST