Tanmay Bhat as Pablo Escobar? Watch this Netflix ad for your dose of LOL for the day

FP Staff

Sep,22 2016 16:57:10 IST

That Tanmay Bhat is a master impersonator is no news. It's such a well known fact that it even got him into trouble earlier this year.

However, Bhat has now associated with Netflix for a 2 minute ad that talks about the Netflix addiciton. You know what we're talking about.


Screen grab from the ad.

Binge watching Netflix to a point where you don't care what your house help is doing (as shown in an earlier ad) or you don't tip your pizza delivery guy because you can't wait to get back to your show.

Enter Tanmay Bhat.

Playing a super efficient pizza delivery guy (who is called 'ladka paunch chuka hai' instead of 'ladka nikal chuka hai') who cannot understand why he doesn't get tipped by this one house no matter how good his service is.

Enter Tanmay Bhat as Pablo Escobar (by which we mean Tanmay with a hairy moustache). He does what any netflix binge-r would do. Speak to clients in their own language. 'Plata O Ploma' or in this case, pizza or death? (jk, pizza for life).

You have to see the ad to believe it.

Updated Date: Sep 22, 2016 16:57 PM