Tamil film Super Deluxe team heads to IFFM for special screening, masterclass

FP Staff

Jul 25, 2019 15:43:54 IST

Tamil film Super Deluxe is all set to be screened at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) this year. The film, directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, has been nominated in the Best Actor, Best Director and Best Film categories at the Festival and has been hailed as the bravest film to come off Tamil cinema in a long time.

Since IFFM is symbolic of the celebration of Indian cinema, it was necessary that the curated films be representative of the current wave of cinema in the country.

Festival Director Mitu Bhowmick says in a statement, “In times of social media, when films can be consumed in a personal space, we are viewing films regardless of the language they are made in. Super Deluxe became an instant hit and the social media couldn’t stop raving about its nuanced treatment. It is essential for the world to see Indian cinema as more than just Hindi films. Though the explosion since Bahubali has rightly moved the focus to films made in regional languages, a broader audience has to be exposed to gems like Super Deluxe to understand the real power and potential of Indian films. It was, thus, essential for me to bring this beautiful film to the Indian audience in Melbourne. The film’s leading actor Vijay Sethupathi, actress Gayathri and the director Kumararaja will also be at the festival to talk about this wonderful film”.

Tamil film Super Deluxe team heads to IFFM for special screening, masterclass

Poster of Super Deluxe

Considered to be the right blend of pop culture and philosophy, the film’s director is equally excited to take their baby to a whole new set of viewers. He said in a statement, "An artistic work gives pleasure in two phases 1. When it is made 2. When it is consumed. I am very happy that Super Deluxe is transcending territories and language barriers. I’m looking forward to being at IFFM Australia”

Vijay echoes the same sentiment adding in a statement, “It’s an honour to be nominated at a prestigious festival like this, competing with the best performers of the country. I am looking forward to being in Melbourne, meeting fans and other members of the fraternity. It’s reassuring when we try something so out of the box, the most honest way possible, and it's so widely received and appreciated. This film has been an incredible journey that’s been a huge learning experience.”

Updated Date: Jul 25, 2019 15:43:54 IST