Tamil actor-turned-MLA Karunas, embroiled in Chennai nightclub brawl

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Nov 17, 2017 14:23:29 IST

In a recently leaked CCTV footage, actor-turned-MLA Karunas, along with his friends and associates, was found getting into a brawl in Chennai last week.

Tamil actor-turned-MLA Karunas, embroiled in Chennai nightclub brawl

Karunas. Twitter

The News Minute reports that a few minutes after Karunas got into the scuffle, he fell down and walked away. An FIR has been lodged at the MRC Nagar police station against Karunas' friends and the others involved in the fight. The FIR however, doesn't have Karunas' name in it.

A casual night out turned into a fist fight at a popular nightclub at MRC Nagar in Chennai, with actor-turned-politician Karunas’s associates getting involved in a brawl on Saturday night.

CCTV footage from the nightclub shows a heated argument cropped up between a few men and Karunas' associates. Once it turned more serious, one of his allies' was pushed by the other party which later got escalated into a fist fight and several punches and kicks were flung by both the parties.

It has also been reported that Karunas tried to pacify both the parties but he was pushed and he fell down. The inspector of MRC Nagar police station told the media that a complaint was filed on Sunday morning by a businessman named R Bharaneeshwaran, as stated in the same report.

R Bharaneeshwaran was later contacted by the media when he said, “There is a group called Defenders, they are mostly advocates. There are two brothers Dhamodharan and Gopalakrishnan who are heading this. They all are part of Karunas’ party. I met Karunas at the club and then he introduced me to a person named Ajay and I shook hands with him. After which, I went back and sat on my seat when Dhamodharan came to me and said, ‘I’m defender Dhamodharan, I’m the general secretary of Karunas party and I’m the cousin of Ajay’," he said, to The News Minute.

“He said that he is coming to me and speaking and I can’t respect him. So I said, ‘do you want me to stand up and salute at you?’ He immediately started hitting me and badly abusing me. From the back, Ajay jumped at me and broke a bottle at me. I fell down. After I fell, they were hitting me. First, six to seven people came and hit me on my face, it was bleeding badly. The hotel management came and stopped the fight,” he added, as per the same report.

Bharaneeshwaran was left injured after the fight and he is now under medication at a Chennai hospital.

Updated Date: Nov 17, 2017 14:23:29 IST