Takeshi's Castle to come back on Comedy Central — is Jaaved Jaaferi listening?

FP Staff

Oct,06 2017 13:54:27 IST

If you're having a bad day, here's a little piece of sunshine for you — Takeshi's Castle is coming back on Comedy Central and we're shook (If you don't know what Takeshi's Castle is, you can still pretend like you can't contain yourself either. That should keep you from becoming a social outcast).

So we're talking another series on people doing stuff like this:

And also, this:

There's some bad news that we withheld from you at first.

We do not know whether Jaaved Jaaferi and his slew of colourful, hyperlocal terms will be coming back or not. According to a report by The Independent, the upcoming installment will be aired on Comedy Central, so we do not know whether we'll get to hear 'General Ke Jaabaz' or 'Pandey Ji Ka Keechad' at all.

But it's all good as long as there's General Lee in all his glory and the two imps, who are popularly known as Changu Mangu in India.

"Takeshi's Castle is the gold standard of physical game shows and we can't wait to bring the delightful mayhem of this show back to the UK with this new series," said Louise Holmes, Vice President, General Manager, Comedy Central UK. Jonathan Ross will be replacing Craig Charles in the new series.

It's safe to say that Takeshi's Castle is the greatest game show to have been broadcast in India. We remember an over-excited Shah Rukh Khan jumping around on our screens while hosting Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout, the desi version of America's Wipeout, and we all know how that fared (not very well).

General Lee's hilarious game show, however, with its outlandish obstacles — Skipping Stones, Bridge Ball, Honeycomb Maze — and equally terrible participants, made for a great watch on Sunday mornings. And evenings. 24x7. 24x7x365.

Because where else would you find a bevy of fully grown, pumped up Japanese people, braving the winds and waters to finally move around in miniature battery operated cars?

The FINAL SHOWDOWN...remember?

Updated Date: Oct 06, 2017 13:54 PM