Take that, Anupam! Naseeruddin Shah slams Kher on Kashmiri Pandits issue

FP Staff

May 28, 2016 12:13:55 IST

Taking a dig at Anupam Kher’s attempt to speak for Kashmiri Pandits, actor Naseeruddin Shah pointed out on Friday that those who have never lived in Kashmir are now fighting for Kashmiris.

They have suddenly become ‘displaced persons’, he said, while in Delhi for the promotion of his film Waiting.

Anupam Kher was quick to respond to Shah’s comment and termed his remarks ‘insensitive’, News18 reported. Kher took to social media as well in his usual candid style.

He also re-tweeted several of his supporters taking a dig at Shah’s comments.

Shah also commented on two years of the Narendra Modi government and said that people should ‘give the government more time before forming perceptions’. He expressed concerns over how textbooks are being tinkered with under the BJP-led government. “Changes made in a few textbooks worry me,” he said.

However, the actor maintained that he remains hopeful that the NDA government is ‘not stupid enough’ to take India back to the ‘dark ages', while supporting lyricist and former Rajya Sabha MP Javed Akhtar on his statement that nobody has the right to question a citizen’s love for his or her motherland.

On the other hand, ANI reported that Shah denied making these statements.

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Updated Date: May 29, 2016 08:31 AM