Superstar Mohanlal praises Narendra Modi's demonetisation move, calls it 'sincere idea'

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Nov 22, 2016 15:50:51 IST

Superstar Mohanlal is among the celebrities who have voiced support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation move, stating that people also could and did "queue up outside liquor outlets and cinema halls and religious places".

Superstar Mohanlal praises Narendra Modis demonetisation move, calls it sincere idea

Mohanlal wrote about Modi's demonetisation drive in a blog post titled 'A salute to virtuous India'

The Malayalam actor was writing about demonetisation — which he termed "a sincere idea" — on his blog The Complete Actor. The post, written in Malayalam, has since gone viral and got Mohanlal as much flak as it did positive attention.

In a translation carried by The News Minute, Mohanlal is quoted as having said in his blog post: "I believe that his speech contained elements that proves that he has thoroughly studied the issues faced by the country. I heard our PM say that this was a surgical strike against black money. I am not someone who worships an individual, but I do respect sincere ideas."

He further added: "We so patiently queue outside liquor outlets, cinema halls and various religious places… if difficulties faced are for something that we love or care for, these no longer pose a problem…that is when sorrow becomes sweet."

Mohanlal has titled his post: "A big salute to virtuous India".

Narad News quoted from Mohanlal's blog: "The note ban even affected us like anybody else. It will be reflected in cinema industry and we bear with it. The note ban affects me personally and we are coping collectively. I’m doing it not only as a law-abiding citizen but as a thinking man."

"The latest 'surgical strike' by Modi should be seen from the perspective for building an 'honest India'," Mohanlal said, as per this Matrubhumi report.

While a final confirmation is awaited, the number of deaths being linked to (crises caused by) demonetisation are estimated at around 50 so far. A 49-year-old man died while standing in a queue at a government bank in southwest Delhi’s Najafgarh on Monday afternoon, Hindustan Times reported.

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