Super Deluxe: How involving four writers with different styles enriched this anthology of interconnected stories

Raja Sekar

Apr 08, 2019 08:35:33 IST

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe is getting positive reviews from movie aficionados. Everyone says the film deserves multiple viewing to understand the nuances. Undeniably, Kumararaja must be lauded for interconnecting the four episodes with a watertight screenplay but credit must also go to the three other writers — Nalan Kumarasamy, Mysskin and Neelan K Sekhar.

Super Deluxe: How involving four writers with different styles enriched this anthology of interconnected stories

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The world of Super Deluxe belongs to Kumararaja. He created the ambiance, core theme, colour tone, and the overall mood of the film but the film also benefits from the writing style of the three writers. For example, even audiences who were disappointed with Super Deluxe say they loved the portion featuring the bunch of adolescent boys who get into trouble for watching a porn movie, titled Mallu Uncut. Though Kumararaja refuses to reveal the names of the writers who wrote the various episodes, we have got to know from reliable sources that Nalan Kumarasamy has written the episode featuring the boys.

Known for his uncanny humor and unadulterated fun, Nalan has brought in a lot of exuberance to the film with his writing. The adolescent boys have got the same love as the amusing youngsters from Soodhu Kavvum (written and directed by Nalan). In a film which talks about virtuosity, life lessons, and universally accepted sins, the fun portion featuring the boys provides immense entertainment.

As Mysskin himself has revealed in various interviews, he has written the portion featuring him as an actor  If you carefully observe Super Deluxe, the first message of the film actually begins with Mysskin’s character and his episode. Mysskin's writing talks about human’s faith in God and how it gets shattered in tough times. Sometimes people who believe in God look down upon fellow human beings. Here Arputham (Mysskin) tries to commit suicide and move out of his marriage life, judging his wife Leela’s(Ramya Krishnan) character. Arputham feels inferior as his wife is a soft porn actress.

Those who watched Aaranya Kaandam would easily get the fact that no one other than Kumararaja could have written the episode featuring the small boy Raasukutty (brilliantly played by Ashwanth) and Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi). Aaranya Kaandam also had one such lovely episode featuring the loser dad (Guru Somasundaram) and his brilliant little son Kodukapulli (Master Vasanth). Neelan K Sekhar would have written remaining one episode featuring Samantha and Fahad Faasil.

In an interview to Film Companion, Kumararaja has said that although his writers know the overall mood of the film, they do not exactly know the episodes written by other writers. Also, being directors themselves, all the writers gave freedom to Kumararaja to make necessary changes.

Directors writing different episodes in an anthology has been in the practice in Indian cinema but Super Deluxe deals with multiple episodes which are tightly interconnected. Kumararaja basically retained the flavors provided by these writers and connected their episodes in his screenplay.

*Spoilers ahead*

For example, the news feed running in the TV of the alien house talks about the lost diamond in the Indian Ocean and much later, we come to know that the statue which Arputham worships has the hidden diamond.

Kumararaja also establishes a moral connect between Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi), Leela (Ramya Krishnan) and Vaembu (Samantha). Men surrounding these characters keep complaining about the chaste of Leela, Vaembu and Shilpa.

Leela’s own son calls her a whore and her husband also blames her for acting in soft porn films. Vaembu’s husband Mughil (Fahad) says that her words will not have any effect as she is not a virtuous girl and the police officer Berlin (Baghavathy Perumal) passes a joke saying that the words of his pure wife do not have any effect; so Shilpa’s curse saying him will die will not happen for sure. In the climax, Berlin dies only because of a head injury. The same head on which Shilpa placed her hand and cursed him.

But again, all these women convey the real meaning of life to these men. When Mughil asks his own wife Vaembu to sleep with the inspector, all hell breaks loose. The idea of purity and virtuosity vanishes there.

Leela tells her son that being an actress, all roles are equal to her — she played both a goddess and a porn star. When millions of people (including her son) watch porn, there would be at least four actresses willing to act in it. She also reasons that a thousand years ago, they did not know whether people had the habit of covering their body with clothes. She added that they are not sure about the future either. Leela and Shilpa together clear Arputham (Mysskin)’s doubt on the existence of God in the film.

A simple glance of Ramya Krishnan on Fahad-Samantha perhaps tells us that had Mysskin accepted his wife, they could have also lead a happy life like the young couple. A moving airplane in the sky actually tells the order of events. If you think Samantha’s episode is the first among all the events, you are wrong. It is actually the last event in the film.

Had Kumararaja written all the episodes of Super Deluxe, he would have probably taken more time to add all these nuances. If multiple filmmakers and writers collaborate together, several classics like Super Deluxe can be made in Tamil cinema. Already, director Shankar has roped in Jeyamohan, Kabilan Vairamuthu and Sakithya Academy Award winner Lakshmi Saravanakumar to pen the script of Indian 2. So Super Deluxe has indeed started a new trend in Kollywood.

Updated Date: Apr 08, 2019 08:35:33 IST

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