Sunil Grover responds to Kapil Sharma calling him a liar: 'I have not been offered the new show'

FP Staff

Mar 20, 2018 16:40:35 IST

The Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover public spat has returned, at least on the twitter-sphere, just as Kapil Sharma has orchestrated his comeback with his new show on Sony, Family Time with Kapil. The two comedians have begun flinging accusations at each other again. Sunil Grover has responded to Kapil Sharma’s recent accusation that Grover was lying when he said that nobody approached him to be part for the new show, as reported by Times of India..

Sunil Grover has reiterated that no one approached him to be part of the new show with a tweet saying, “Now people know the answer why I didn't join the show earlier. I am talking about 'this' show. You are bringing up an old topic.” He went on to say, "I referred to this show and not the previous show. And you are a better comedian. Everyone knows it. But I will still keep trying with whatever I know. Take care. There are only two kidneys and one liver. Take care of your health. Again, I will say I have not been offered for this show. Good luck for the new show. Wishes and love," in response to an earlier jab by Sharma which said, “Paji I called u more then 100 times n came to ur house to meet u twice .. every time u were out for some show n all .. pls don’t spread rumors that I didn’t call u.”

This latest twitter war between the two estranged comedians has split wide open the animosity between the two TV stars. After a mid-air spat and accusations of a drunk Sharma manhandling and abusing Grover, he and his colleagues had quit Kapil Sharma’s show at the pinnacle of its success. The show had suffered from the exodus of show regulars, especially Grover’s character that competes with Sharma’s in audience popularity, leading to the show going off air. Now, Kapil Sharma, who had managed to retain his contract with Sony, has re-launched his brand and Ajay Devgn is slated to be the first guest on the show, marking the burying of old grudges and a new lease of life for a reformed Kapil Sharma.

However, the can of worms was opened again when Grover, responding to a fan’s question, had said that he waited to be called for the new show, but since nobody did he has moved on to other projects. Kapil Sharma took offence to this accusation and replied saying Grover is lying. In a series of tweets, he also said, “I know the people who r working behind u .. trust me .. u will get nothing .. take care,” and another tweet saying, “Don’t want his support .. but at least he should not spread rumors.. m tired of all this.” Replying to another fan’s tweet he also said, “Yes I love him.. but sometimes it hurts u a lot ..when u do a lot of hard work for somebody n he just want fame on ur name..”

Updated Date: Mar 20, 2018 16:44:22 IST