Stunt director Sham Kaushal accused of sexual misconduct, apologises 'unconditionally' in statement

FP Staff

October 15, 2018 13:04:25 IST

On 14 October, stunt director Sham Kaushal was accused of sexually harassing an assistant director on an outdoor film set in 2006.

In a Facebook post detailing the alleged incident, Nameeta Prakash, said Kaushal invited her to his room to have vodka after the wrap up, an offer she refused. Despite the action director's insistence, Prakash held her ground. The next moment, according to Prakash's account, Kaushal pulled out his phone and showed her a pornographic clip, without her consent.

Sham Kaushal. Image via Twitter/@PaperDabba

Sham Kaushal. Image via Twitter/@PaperDabba

Shaken by the incident, the survivor informed her line producer who then made sure that she was never left alone with the stunt team. The incident also led to Prakash completely avoid working with Kaushal on future projects. She would ask production houses to let go of her if Kaushal was also a part of the project in question. As per her post, only one production house decided to boycott Kaushal on hearing her account.

Kaushal, whose two sons - Vicky and Sunny Kaushal- are both actors, addressed these allegations in a statement released on Twitter. He apologised "unconditionally" for having caused hurt or anguish to anyone during his time in the industry and maintained that it was "unintentional".

Updated Date: Oct 15, 2018 13:18 PM