Stop everything you're doing and play the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar game

Siddharth Aalambayan

Feb 17, 2016 18:38:29 IST

Leonardo DiCaprio races with Eddie Redmayne (Danish Girl), Michael Fassbender(Steve Jobs), Bryan Cranston(Trumbo) in the Oscar race this year but wait, this is me speaking of him racing on the red carpet against all these actors for the Oscars in a recent 8 Bit game made by the some really creative brains at @TheLineStudio.

Stop everything youre doing and play the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar game

The interface of the game.

It’s a fairly simple game, and has some very common red carpet hurdles that you need to clear. Leo chases an Oscar as he has the ability to jump over an Iceberg, collect the Golden Globe and SAG awards, if you can get rid of Lady Gaga along the way.

Oh, it doesn’t just end there; you also have some mini games in between this 8-bit spectacle of a game. Every round that you finish, leads you to these mini games where you get bonus points. The newsroom rages with constant fizzes of, “Yes, I just scored the Oscar”, “Damn, I couldn’t find the dark skinned Oscar nominee” etc as I boast about having completed it and scored highest in all the rounds.

Will Leonardo Di Caprio win this year? Well, that’s still something that we will only know when the Oscars premiere on the 28th.

Play it for yourself here, if you are one of those that think the man should finally get an Oscar. Play the game here.


Updated Date: Feb 17, 2016 18:46:55 IST