Stephen King's It declared most successful screen adaptation of novelist's works

FP Staff

Sep 17, 2017 15:02:34 IST

In its second week, the film adaptation of Stephen King's It continues its record-breaking spree at the box office. Based on the author's 1986 spine-chilling novel of the same name, the film is being touted as the most successful adaptation of King's works so far. As per a report in The Independent, its worldwide box office collection is pegged at $250 million.

Stephen Kings It declared most successful screen adaptation of novelists works

Still from Stephen King's It. Image from Twitter/njslea‏.

King's The Shining, which was made into a film of the same name in 1980 had raked in $44 million in the year that it was released. As per the publication's estimate, in today's time, the film would have easily made $145 million. As far as the 1999 film The Green Mile is concerned, the crime drama would have made $232 million, after being adjusted as per inflation.

It garnered rave reviews for revamping horror while entertaining the masses with its class-apart craftsmanship. The story revolves around a clown who preys on little children by using an array of powers which allow him to go unnoticed by adults. In the process of this horrifying ordeal, the children, who are a group of seven, come face to face with their own personal demons.

The film stars Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Skarsgård as Bill Denbrough and Pennywise the Dancing Clown, respectively, and Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs among others play supporting roles.

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