Star Wars lightsaber pulled out of sale at auction due to doubts over its origin

FP Staff

Dec 12, 2018 12:14:04 IST

A recent auction pulled out a lightsaber, listed as an original Star Wars prop designed by Oscar-winning set designer Roger Christian for actor Mark Hamill in the 1977 film, reports BBC.

The prop, on of the more hyped objects on sale, was removed due to doubts over its origin. Los Angeles auctioneer Profiles in History confirmed the news by stating that 'conflicting information' on the object resulted in the decision.

The Star Wars lightsaber. Image from Reuters

The Star Wars lightsaber. Image from Reuters

Described as one of the five lightsabers used on sets of the film, the object was expected to sell for up to $200,000 (£157,000). But several questions were raised by fans and bloggers online about the lightsaber.

Profiles in History chief executive Joe Maddalena stated that the item would not be given back to the auction until Roger Christian was able to justify the inconsistencies in it, the object on sale and the one advertised were reportedly not the exact same.

However, in a recent interview, Christian stated that the item was one of the five made for Luke Skywalker on set. "It is real - I've got the Oscar to prove it," he added.

Christian clarified that the low budgets of the film made him put together portions of props with different elements. Thus one was different from the other. The questions surface after Mark Hamill posted about the auction via his tweet, warning buyers of the several props that were made on sets of Star Wars, both for himself and his stunt double.

Updated Date: Dec 12, 2018 12:14:04 IST