New villains, new heroes, new world: Here's what CBS' 'Star Trek' teaser tells us

CBS released a short teaser video for its upcoming Star Trek series. Here's what it tells us.

FP Staff May 20, 2016 13:12:25 IST
New villains, new heroes, new world: Here's what CBS' 'Star Trek' teaser tells us

New crews, new villains, new heroes, new world.

This is what the new Star Trek series on CBS promises. Oh, and plenty of space travel of course.

The short teaser for Star Trek was unveiled by CBS at its Upfront event on 18 May, and it builds on the popular elements from the original series’ opening credits while adding new elements.

New villains new heroes new world Heres what CBS Star Trek teaser tells us

Screenshot from CBS' new 'Star Trek' series

The view that you get is one of being in the control room of a ship (the Enterprise itself?) as you take a hurtle through space — there’s Earth in the distance, then the debris of another planet, the molten heat of the sun as you whiz past it all.

The outline of the spacecraft then takes shape (the new Enterprise) even as the tagline (“new crews, villains etc) takes shape against its backdrop.

The original Star Trek series had premiered on television in 1966. It followed the adventures of Captain James T Kirk and his crew aboard their starship, the Enterprise. However, there have been several later iterations of the franchise, on TV as well as in films.

In 2009, JJ Abrams directed the Star Trek film, starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, following it up with Into Darkness in 2013. The third installment in the series (Star Trek: Beyond) will release this year.

Star Trek, the new TV series, will premiere on CBS in 2017. In the meantime, watch the teaser for it here and see how it compares to the original:

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