Sridevi state funeral news updates: Actor cremated in Mumbai's Vile Parle, Boney Kapoor perfomed last rites

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Feb 28, 2018 18:40:45 IST

Sridevi state funeral news updates: Actor cremated in Mumbai's Vile Parle, Boney Kapoor perfomed last rites



  • State honours for Sridevi's funeral, procession among largest recorded in Mumbai 

    Maharashtra government accorded full state honours for the funeral of Sridev which included draping her body in the national tricolour, elaborate arrangements by the Mumbai Police and a gun salute before the cremation.

    In terms of sheer numbers, Sridevi's funeral is estimated to have attracted the highest number of mourners, ranking on par with the previous biggest funeral processions of the legendary singer Mohammed Rafi (July 1980: around a million mourners), and India's first superstar Rajesh Khanna (July 2012: a little less than a million mourners).

    The other big funerals of non-political personalities in Mumbai included those of Raj Kapoor (June 1988) and Vinod Khanna (April 2017).

    The procession was led by several family members, close relatives, friends and even neighbours of the Green Acres society where the family lived in Lokhandwala Complex.


  • Sridevi 'looked like a sleeping beauty', says social worker who helped with repatriation of Sridevi's body from Dubai
    Ashraf Thamarassery was among the handful of people who saw Sridevi for the last time before her mortal remains were embalmed and taken to Mumbai in a private jet on Tuesday. "She looked like she was sleeping peacefully ... a sleeping beauty," 44-year-old Ashraf, from Kozhikode district in north Kerala, said.
    He said the 54-year-old Bollywood icon's face did not look much different than how he had seen her on screen and in photographs. There was no wound on her head as reported by a section of the media, he said.
    Ashraf is known as the 'Friend of the Dead' in the UAE for assisting the repatriation of over 4,700 bodies of expatriates from across the world during the past 18 years. He offers his service free of cost. Ashraf said he was among the few who were present at the embalming room.
    Sridevi was wrapped in three white cotton sheets. She was taken in an ordinary wooden coffin that costs Dh 1,840 (approx Rs 32,000), Ashraf, who owns a garage in Ajman, said. The embalming certificate issued by the Dubai Health Authority bears Ashraf's name.

  • Sridevi cremated; Boney Kapoor perfomed last rites

    ​Bollywood diva Sridevi was cremated with full state honours, mourned by millions of fans, at the Vile Parle crematorium.

    Sridevi's filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor performed the last rites at the  ceremony. The couple's daughters, Jahnvi and Khushi, were by his side, said sources close to the family. The actor's body was brought to the crematorium in an open, flower-bedecked hearse.


  • Sridevi cremated with state honours, say sources close to Kapoor family. - PTI

  • Actor Jackky Bhagnani hits out at Shobha De over tweet on condolence meeting

  • Last rites ceremony begins 

  • Visuals of Bollywood celebrities at crematorium for last rites

  • Hundreds gather outside Vile Parle crematorium to pay respects

  • The state government decides who gets a state honour

    The Maharashtra government has made arrangements to cremate Sridevi with state honours. The veteran actor was given a gun salute at the Celebration Sports Club, minutes away from her home in Green Acres Lokhandwala where her body was kept before leaving for its last journey on Wednesday.

    But who decides who gets a state funeral?

    Traditionally, it is only the current and former prime ministers, current and former Union ministers and current and former state ministers who are entitled to a state funeral.

    But with time, the rules have changed. These days, it's on the state government to decide who will be accorded a state funeral. The government takes into consideration the contribution made by the deceased person to the state in various fields like politics, literature, law, science and cinema.

  • Visuals from Vile Parle crematorium where Sridevi's mortal remains have reached

  • Watch: Sridevi's mortal remains reach Vile Parle crematorium

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  • Sridevi's body reaches crematorium; last rites to begin shortly

  • Sea of mourners as Sridevi cortege winds through Mumbai

    Wrapped in tricolour, Indian cinema icon Sridevi today began her final journey with thousands of mourners jostling with each other to catch a glimpse of her cortege as it slowly made its way through the city to the Vile Parle crematorium.
    The body of the 54-year-old, who died in Dubai on Saturday, was taken in a hearse that was covered with white flowers, the colour of mourning.
    Sridevi, Indian cinema's first woman superstar, was given a gun salute at the Celebration Sports Club, minutes away from her home in Green Acres Lokhandwala where her body was kept before leaving for its last journey. Her filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor, stepson Arjun Kapoor and other family members were with the body as it left the building.
    As crowds mobbed the vehicle  with some climbing on trees and clambering on gates to get a better look  Arjun Kapoor requested them with folded hands to let the funeral procession pass through.
    Thousands of people walked along with the hearse as it left the venue for the crematorium, about seven kilometres away. There was a sea of people as far as the eye could see.

  • Fans share how much Sridevi Kapoor has had an impact on their lives

  • Watch: Anil Ambani arrives at Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium

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  • Visuals from Juhu area as fans, Sridevi's family pay last respects

  • Watch: Visuals from outside Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium 

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  • Sridevi's mortal remains expected to arrive at Vile Parle ground shortly, reports NDTV

  • Meet Ashraf Thamarassery, Kerala-origin 'ferryman', who helped with paperwork for repatriation of Sridevi's body

    Away from the cameras' flash and the eyes of her millions of fans in India, the actress Sridevi's body made its way to a simple mortuary in the United Arab Emirates, where one man helped sign out her remains to return home.

    Listed only as "ASHRAF" on the official paperwork in Dubai is Ashraf "Sherry" Thamarassery, a 44-year-old Indian from Kerala who has become a ferryman of sorts for those who die in the UAE.

    Click here to read the full PTI report.

  • Watch: Sridevi's mortal remains accorded state honours

  • Sridevi's mortal remains being taken for cremation

    Video courtesy:

  • Mortal remains of Sridevi being taken for cremation

  • Watch: Sridevi's final journey begins

  • Sridevi's mortal remains wrapped in tricolour

  • Sridevi's mortal remains being taken for cremation

  • Police at Celebration Sports Club resorts to lathicharge

    Hindustan Times is reporting that the police at the Celebration Sports Club has resorted to lathi charge to control the crowd at the spot.

  • Sridevi's Telugu roles reflect her unparalleled journey

    Starting her career in the Telugu film industry, Sridevi's transformation from child prodigy to legend was simply marvellous. She won the film fraternity and audience alike with her stellar roles alongside legendary Telugu hero Akkineni Nageshwara Rao.

    Click here to read K Nageshwar's full article.

  • Sridevi's death marks a funeral of sorts for the Hindi cinema she helped add new dimensions to

    Anybody who has seen Sridevi being interviewed, presumably by a Rajeev Masand or an Anupama Chopra, would remember her characteristically cold, distant giggling after answering a painstakingly worded question so insufficiently that one would wonder if she were really an actor.

    Click here to read Kartik Maini's full article.

  • Overwhelming to see the love and respect for Sridevi: Sushmita Sen

  • Riteish Deshmukh lashes out at the media

  • Let Sridevi's soul rest in peace: Sanjay Nirupam

  • Entire industry was grieving: Hema Malini

  • TRPs the only goal: Priyanka Chaturvedi

  • Anupam Kher, who had worked with Sridevi in many films, posts on Twitter

  • Amul's tribute to Sridevi

  • Sidharth Malhotra, Deepika Padukone pay last respects

    Video courtesy:

  • Ugliness created by speculators will be burnt to ashes: Shekhar Kapur

  • Rakesh Roshan arrives to pay last respects

    Video courtesy:

  • Sridevi was offered a role in Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg, which she refused

  • Shahid Kapoor at Celebration Sports Club

    Video courtesy:

  • Sridevi was given a dual role in Baazigar

  • Jackie Shroff pays last respects

    Video courtesy:

  • Sridevi was the highest-paid Hindi actress from 1985 to 1992

  • Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar pray last respects

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  • Sridevi to be cremated with state honours

  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali arrives to pay last respects

    Video courtesy:

  • Fans line up to pay last respects

    Image courtesy: Sanjay Sawant

  • Shekhar Kapur arrives to pay respects

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  • Here's a list of the top Bollywood heroes Sridevi worked with

  • Students of school owned by Sridevi's family pay tributes to actor

Sridevi funeral latest update: Sridevi's filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor performed the last rites at the ceremony. The couple's daughters, Jahnvi and Khushi, were by his side as the remains were consigned to flames.

Bollywood celebrities like Sharukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan reached the Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium as Sridevi's mortal remains were brought to the location for the last rites on Wednesday. Sridevi's mortal remains, wrapped in tricolour, were given state honours and taken for cremation. Police at the Celebration Sports Club had to resort to lathicharge to control the crowd present at the spot.

Bollywood is not too happy about the way Indian media covered Sridevi's demise. Many Bollywood celebrities lashed out at the media over the issue.

The deceased actor will be cremated with state honours. Bollywood celebrities like Sidharth Malhotra, Deepika Padukone, Shabana Azmi, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Tabu, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Jaya Bachchan, Shekar Kapur and Farah Khan arrived at Lokhandwala's Celebration Sports Club to pay their last respects to Sridevi. Fans have also lined up to pay their last respects to the deceased actor.

The body of Bollywood icon Sridevi, whose sudden death triggered a frenzy of grief, disbelief and searching questions, was flown back to Mumbai on Tuesday after Dubai authorities determined that she had accidentally drowned in her hotel bathtub.

Family members, including her film-maker husband Boney Kapoor and stepson Arjun Kapoor, brought her body in a private jet after three days of uncertainty over her unexpected death on Saturday in Dubai.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dubai Public Prosecutor's Office put an end to speculation about the cause of her death, saying she accidentally drowned in the bathtub following loss of consciousness, and that the "case was now closed".

It did not say what caused the 54-year-old superstar to lose consciousness.

 Sridevi state funeral news updates: Actor cremated in Mumbais Vile Parle, Boney Kapoor perfomed last rites

File image of Sridevi. Wikimedia Commons

The Embraer jet, owned by industrialist Anil Ambani, landed in Mumbai around 9.30 pm and the cremation is scheduled for Wednesday around 3.30 pm.

Anil Ambani, wife Tina Ambani and Anil Kapoor were among those at the airport when the plane landed.

The mortal remains were then taken to the Lokhandwala residence of the Kapoors where several police personnel along with a host of private security men were deployed for crowd management.

As the ambulance carrying Sridevi's mortal remains entered her residence in suburban Andheri, a large number of fans jostled for a glimpse of their favourite actor.

Both sides of the road leading to Sridevi's 'Green Acres' residence in Lokhandwala were crowded with her fans, with some even climbing the trees to have a clear view.

The ambulance, escorted by three police vehicles, brought the body home from the airport at around 10:30 pm soon after it arrived from Dubai.

Designer Manish Malhotra, Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar were among those who visited the residence soon after the arrival of the body.

Sridevi, known as Indian cinema's first woman superstar, leaves behind her husband and their two daughters Jahnvi and Khushi.

"On behalf of Khushi, Janhvi, Boney Kapoor, the entire Kapoor and Ayyappan families, a sincere thanks to the media for your continued sensitivity and support during this emotional moment," a statement by the family said.

The 54-year-old Bollywood icon was in Dubai to attend a family wedding. Her death sent shock waves across India with those who knew her at a loss to explain how the star could die so suddenly.

At first, it was reported that she died of cardiac arrest, triggering questions and disbelief. However, it later emerged that she had drowned in the bathtub in her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel.

As more speculation swirled, the Dubai government's media office said in a series of tweets that the case is now closed.

"Dubai Public Prosecution has approved the release of the body of the Indian actress Sridevi to her family following the completion of a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of her death," it said.

"Dubai Public Prosecution stressed that all regular procedures followed in such cases have been completed. As per the forensic report, the death of the Indian actress occurred due to accidental drowning following loss of consciousness. The case has now been closed."

In its statement, the family said her body will be kept at Celebration Sports Club in Lokhandwala near her home for people to pay their last respects from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on Wednesday before it is taken for cremation.

The family said media can also pay their respects "provided camera, recording devices, etc are left outside the venue".

"The last journey will commence at 2 pm from Celebration Sports Club to Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium and Hindu Cemetery," it said.

While Sridevi had stayed back in Dubai after the ceremonies, her husband Boney Kapoor had flown back to Mumbai with their younger daughter Khushi. But he returned to Dubai to surprise her, according to Khaleej Times newspaper. Arjun Kapoor reached Dubai this morning to be with his father.

In Mumbai, industry insiders and friends visited the family in the home of actor Anil Kapoor, Boney Kapoor's younger brother. With their father away, Khushi and Jahnvi were at their uncle's Juhu home.

"For me it's the most painful thing I have dealt with after my dad's passing away. And her face is coming in front of me again and again," actor Rani Mukherji told PTI.

"The love she had for me was so tremendous and intense that I feel somewhere that I have lost a guiding light in my life. She has been my inspiration personally and professionally. She was very close to me. She was like my 'maasi' I would say. She was someone I looked up to. I just feel there is one more person I have lost in my life I loved and who loved me back," Rani said.

The others who have called on the family in their hour of grief include Shah Rukh Khan, and his wife Gauri, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Tabu, Rekha and Farah Khan.

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