Spider-Man: Homecoming is now in theatres — 5 parodies of the webslinger that left us in splits

FP Staff

Jul,06 2017 19:28:27 IST

It has now been confirmed — India is the land of the Funny Peoples.

In the wake of the Spider-Man franchise's latest release — Spider-Man: Homecoming — we took a look back at all the parodies that have infiltrated our news feeds time and again, and provided us with our guffaws just when we need them. #ThrowbackThursday:

The 'Isspider-Man' song

'Ispiderman, isspiderman, tune churaya mere dil ka chain' — come on, admit it. You know the lyrics, and you really, really, want to sing them out at the top of your lungs. Let this video refresh your memory of the lyrics and dance movies:

The fame of the song has now reached far and wide, with Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland, learning the words to the number. Don't believe us? Watch this video:

The Superman and Spider-Man Govinda mash-up

What could be better than your friendly, neighbourhood superhero? Having the webslinger in a mash-up with Superman!

The Malegaon ka Spider-Man fight sequence

Sometimes, words aren't necessary. We're just going to leave this here:

The Makkad Man

If you wanted Peter Parker to have decided desi influences (and not of the Pavitra Prabhakar sort):

The Amazing Spider-Man and how it should have actually ended

We have strong views about how The Amazing Spider-Man should actually have ended — and so do the makers of this parody video:

Here's a Spidey bonus!

Check out this parody of Spider-Man and Bruno Mars' 'That's What I Like' — all wrapped into one smooth song:

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Updated Date: Jul 06, 2017 19:28 PM