Sonu Nigam decides to quit Twitter and explains why in 24 tweets: 'Need to de-clutter'

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May 24, 2017 11:13:26 IST

Following the suspension of singer Abhijeet's twitter account, Sonu Nigam, who was earlier in the news about his tweets over being disturbed by the morning azaan, tweeted with his disagreement over the matter.

As is the case with most controversies these days, Twitter was divided in their opinion on whether the singer's twitter account should have been suspended or not.

However, Sonu Nigam has apparently had enough. On Wednesday morning, 24 May, Nigam tweeted a series of 24 tweets explaining why he was going to quit Twitter. He humbly asked Twitterati and the press to take screen shots of his tweets because he was going to deactivate his account soon.

Sonu Nigam decides to quit Twitter and explains why in 24 tweets: Need to de-clutter

"A woman can endorse a picture of Gautam Gambhir in the front of the Army Jeep, & Paresh Rawal, Criticized for doing d same to someone else," he said, adding, "I bid adieu to Twitter and my close to 7 Million followers today, leaving most Disappointed and angry at me, and some Sadists Happy [sic]"

Nigam further added, "Accepted Arundhati has d right to her opinion about Kashmir, but then the other billion Indians have the right to feel Let Down too right? One Could disagree wth Abhijeetda's language but isn't Shehla's accusation tht BJP has a Sex Racket, Provocation enough to Supporters? Where's the Balance? How is it all so one sided? Why is everyone so Angry here on Twitter? Why can't there be a Sensible discussion? [sic]"

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Nigam last few tweets justifies his leaving, "I quit Twitter Today in Defiance of this One Sided Sham. Every Logical, Sensible Patriot and Humanist should. I don't belong 2 a place whr sm Pseudo Intellectuals actually turn a Blind Eye to d Unprecedented slap I gave 2 d Fatva proclaimers on me. I am no Right Wing, No Left Wing. I respect everyone's Opinion but I guess Here, you have to Belong Somewhere. [sic]"

Updated Date: May 24, 2017 13:31:46 IST