Sonam Kapoor trolled for tweet on Mumbai meat ban and misogyny

FP Staff

Sep 09, 2015 07:47:30 IST

The BMC-imposed four-day meat ban in Mumbai may be religious sentiment-based and unfair on many grounds, but Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor chose to label it as 'misogynistic' on Twitter and as expected, several users jumped at the opportunity to troll her.

Sonam Kapoor trolled for tweet on Mumbai meat ban and misogyny

Sonam Kapoor in a file photo. PTI

Sharing a story about the meat ban in Mumbai, Sonam said that India will remain a third world country "because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few."

When it was pointed out that a ban on meat is not necessarily misogynistic, Sonam continued to defend her stand and went on to have heated conversations with several users on Twitter.

The contrary responses clearly didn't go down very well with her because she ended up calling everybody who replied to her 'assholes' and 'moron'.

Check out the hilarious thread of tweets below

She then went on to make a forceful statement on general mentality and woman calling others bimbos.

Soon, even Chetan Bhagat, another favorite target of Twitter trolls jumped in to support Sonam

Sonam then ended the topic with a throwaway tweet implying that since she is known for her fashion sense, that's what she should talk about.

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