Sonali Bendre thanks sister Rupa for standing by her in battle against cancer: She dropped everything in a heartbeat

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Dec 07, 2018 14:18:36 IST

Sonali Bendre has shared her journey of fighting cancer on social media in the past few months. Ever since the diagnosis, Bendre has allowed the outside world into her world of strengths, insecurities, struggles and weak moments while combating the ailment.

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"An older sister is a friend and defender – a listener, conspirator, a counselor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too. – Pam Brown" Rupa Tai has been all this and more. She dropped everything in a heartbeat to be with me on this journey. She has been my person... Rupa Tai was involved in my journey from when I was diagnosed to the time I was deciding the course of treatment to packing her bags and coming with me to New York. She was there from get-go. Her transition from one role to another was seamless. A dictator when I needed to eat right or take my meds or an empathetic counselor alternating between giving advice and offering silent support when all I needed was to be alone with my thoughts. She was around. She was with me and by me, at all times. Sisters share a special relationship. We are literally an extension of each other. For bad days, her presence did the trick and the good days...well, it just got better! We have now returned home - to our respective families and lives, but us together in New York for those 6 months...I am forever indebted... #SwitchOnTheSunshine #OneDayAtATime @ranadiverupa

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Sonali recently shared an endearing post about her elder sister Rupa. Bendre stated that Rupa, 'dropped everything in a heartbeat', and agreed to accompany the actress once the decision of shifting to New York was taken. Describing her as a 'defender, counselor, conspirator and sharer of delights', Sonali said Rupa was all of that to her and more. The actress returned to India recently after five months of treatment.




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They say "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". It sure does. But let's never underestimate what distance teaches you. Being away from home in the city of New York, I realized I was walking amongst so many stories. Each trying to write their own chapter in different ways. Each struggling to do it but never giving up. Each taking it #OneDayAtATime. And now I'm on my way back to where my heart is. It's a feeling I can't describe in words but I'm going to try - it's the joy to see my family and friends again, the excitement to do what I love and mainly the gratitude for the journey I've had up until this moment. The fight is not yet over...but I'm happy and looking forward to this happy interval :) It's time to learn that there is a new normal out there and I can't wait to embrace it and #SwitchOnTheSunshine. #NowPlaying #AdventureOfALifeTime🎵 And as my adventure with life continues these words by Chris Martin hit home, "Everything you want is a dream away. Under this pressure, under this weight We are diamonds taking shape..." A post shared by Sonali Bendre (@iamsonalibendre) on

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