Sonakshi Sinha-Armaan Malik spar enters round three: Luv Sinha weighs in; Armaan responds

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April 27, 2017 11:10:24 IST

Every time we think the Sonakshi Sinha-Armaan Malik exchange is at end, something new comes up and makes us revise our earlier estimate.

Let's catch up with this spat that's been going on for a few days and has divided folks into Camp Sonakshi and Camp Real Musicians.

This week, news reports emerged that Sonakshi would be one of the opening acts at Justin Bieber's 10 May Mumbai concert.

The Sonakshi Sinha vs Armaan Malik exchange enters round three

The Sonakshi Sinha and Armaan Malik exchange enters round three

Sonakshi has previously enjoyed a similar spot at the Coldplay/Global Citizen Concert, held in 2016.

The Bieber reports had musicians like Kailash Kher pointing out that perhaps it would be better for actual singers to be considered for the opening act slots for international artistes when they came down to India.

Playback singer Armaan Malik agreed with Kher, and put out a tweet to that effect.

Sonakshi — who has been busy with the release of Noor, her Da-Bangg tour and yet another musical tour in South Africa — took umbrage and shot off tweets insinuating Malik was motivated by feelings of insecurity and 'certainly wasn't singing the same tune' when he approached her to sing a song previously.

The problem: It was Armaan's brother, the composer Amaal Malik, who had made the request.

When Armaan pointed this out, Sonakshi put up a Facebook post stating she wasn't in fact opening for Bieber, at the same time sticking a metaphorical middle finger to those who were questioning her inviolable right (our paraphrasing) to sing on stage.

You can read the non-paraphrased version here.

As the debate around whether actors or those who actually sing professionally should get opportunities raged on (here's an analysis of Bollywood's limelight-hogging ways, for those interested), Sona Mohapatra too jumped into the fray, attempting to educate Sonakshi on just how much time musicians like her had spent in the pursuit of their craft (as she argued, did actors) and that no art form should attempt to trivialise the other.

Here's Sona's full post.

And now, the latest inputs have come via Sonakshi's brother Luv Sinha.

Luv put up a post on Facebook calling Armaan and Amaal Malik "the self-appointed guardians of music" and stated:

luv sinha

Having been addressed thus, Armaan then put up a rejoinder on his Facebook page, where he asked Sinha, "Have you ever seen Brad Pitt opening a Michael Jackson concert?"

He then went on to draw a distinction between actors singing for their films, and doing so on stage as opening acts for musicians. Here's Armaan's post:

armaan 825

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