Sofia Vergara granted motion to dismiss case filed against her by ex-husband Nick Loeb

FP Staff

August 28, 2017 14:53:18 IST

In what is a major victory for Sofia Vergara, a Louisiana court has granted her motion to dismiss the case against her for lack of personal jurisdiction. This case was filed by her ex-husband Nick Loeb, who alleged that the Modern Family actress had undergone IVF treatment and had created embryos out of her eggs and his sperm, which she then froze, reports E! Online.

Sofia Vergara. Image from Facebook

Sofia Vergara. Image from Facebook

Loeb filed the lawsuit in 2015, a year after they broke up. Two of the eggs were frozen for a potential pregnancy in the future, which he claimed she wanted destroyed. Denying this, Vergara said that they had signed an agreement, and according to its terms, no unilateral decision could be taken about the eggs.

Vergara requested that Loeb name his two ex-girlfriends who terminated their own pregnancies over 20 years ago in order for the case to continue, and the court order Loeb to do so. He appealed against it, but his appeal was denied.

Later, a lawsuit was filed against Vergara on behalf of the embryos regarding their right to live. It asked for the embryos to be given to Loeb who could look for a surrogate to give them birth, so that they may inherit a trust created in their name in the future. They were named as plaintiffs "Emma" and "Isabella" in the lawsuit. The lawsuit also stated that she had "chronically neglected" the embryos" by refusing to "consent to their development or care".

In February 2017, Vergara filed papers requesting for a permanent injunction, which would effectively prevent Loeb from using the embryos without her consent. She and Loeb were engaged for roughly two years.

Updated Date: Aug 28, 2017 15:09 PM