Social star Priya Banerjee says cyber-bullying forces celebs to issue 'PR-revised' statements

Amita Ghose

Nov,30 2017 16:27:53 IST

India's first bilingual web series, Rana Daggubati's Social, has come to an end. This 13-episode web series has not only boosted the bandwagon of the web series in India but also has dealt with a very important issue as the storyline of the series. Social is a crime thriller which revolves around the perils of social media.

Priya Banerjee at the launch of Viu Social

Priya Banerjee at the launch of Viu Social

Social is a directorial venture by Cycle Kick famed Shashi Sudigala. The last episode of the series aired on Viu India this past Friday.

While the story has depicted how teenagers and young men and women are more vulnerable towards the crimes happening in the social media, Rana (playing Vikram Sampath) is the visionary and idealist who tries to resolve issues and confronts them. Other than Rana, actress Priya Banerjee plays a pivotal role which gives us a deep insight into how internet crime rackets trap innocent people and victimise them.

Firstpost recently got to interact with Priya and we never missed a chance to ask about her personal opinion on the problems like social media bullying and trolls. Though she has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, she has always maintained her privacy on the virtual medium and has never gone way too frank in expressing her views or thoughts.

"When you are a public figure, it is even more possible that you will be trolled and thrashed on social media for the silliest of reasons. People may bully you, call you names even if you dare to post a personal opinion. I have been seeing so many celebs are now scared to have their opinion on social media and they usually try to keep it very neutral. Even I do the same." she said.

She also stated that cyber-bullying is one of the most prevalent crimes in India which is escalated by lack of awareness and education. "See, when I say education, it doesn't mean degrees. These days internet accessibility is very easy. It has reached almost all the houses in India but how many of us are actually properly groomed about it? Or well-aware about it? No wonder why most of these social media shamers end up thinking that they can comment on anything and everything. In India, public figures are trolled for no reasons within a wink of an eye! Take Padmavati as an example, see celebs are putting forth such balanced statements, always revised by PR teams. I don't know where is this leading to."

We could not agree more when Priya told us that these days 'taking offense' is a trend that is raging. While there are people who got offended by an actress like Bani J for being 'too manly and strong', there are women too who tried teaching a lesson to Sagarika Ghatge for 'exposing her skin'.

On being asked about the measures that Priya would suggest to keep a check on the bullying, she said, "See, the first thing that I would repeat is about education again. I plead girls and boys from small towns, big cities everywhere to educate themselves. There should be a line that we never cross. There's a limit to social media addiction and I think parents might keep a tab on that. Do not get too personal, don't try to force your opinion on someone else, which is applicable in both real and virtual life. Right to speech, right to life are basic."

And she further added, "Don't moral police a girl because she is wearing shorts, because she doesn't stop you from roaming around in your undergarments. As simple as it is. And of course, the last suggestion would be use your common sense, do not be too callous on social media and reveal all your personal information to strangers."

Updated Date: Nov 30, 2017 16:27 PM