Social star Preity Asrani says she is lucky to work with Rana Daggubati so early in her career

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Dec 19, 2017 14:17:45 IST

How did you begin your acting career? 

I started my career when I was 13 years old. I did two movies as a child artist — Oo Kodthara Ooluki Padthara with Balakrishna and Gundello Godari with Manchu Lakshmi. I tried my skills in modelling for a while as well post which I acted in a short film, Fidaa which garnered a great response from the viewers.

What was your role in the web series Social?

In Viu India's Social, I am playing the role of Veda, the girl who goes missing. The entire story revolves around how her brother, Prithvi (played by Naveen Kasturia) along with three other people set out to investigate Veda's mysterious disappearance.

Preity Asrani in a still from Social

Preity Asrani in a still from Social

What is your opinion on the extensive use of social media these days?

Nowadays, everyone around us is familiar with the internet and social media to a certain extent. It is great to see how people can easily connect and communicate on these platforms. But people should be made aware of the consequences of their actions on social media. Every individual should be a little wary about how they express themselves and their life on social media. A lot of times, unknowingly, we might expose ourselves to the wrong side of social media. Parents of teenagers and children should also monitor digital communications to a certain extent to ensure their child doesn’t get negatively affected. The series Social by Viu is aiming to do exactly that- sensitize the audience on the pros and cons of social media. 

In the web series, how does social media help to find the missing Veda?

It is quite a suspense and I am going to keep it like that. But social media is the crux of the story and brings everything and everyone together. So it plays a huge part in solving the mystery.

How was your experience of working with actors like Rana Daggubati, Naveen, Moin Khan and Priya Banerjee?

It is quite exciting that Shashi Sudigala put together such an enigmatic cast and I got the opportunity to work with the renowned Rana Daggubati so early in my career. He is extremely welcoming and puts everyone around him at ease. It has been a great experience working with Naveen, Priya, Abdul and Moin. They are great actors and delightful people to be around.

After Social, what are the projects you are working on? 

Apart from Social, I am currently working on a project with MS Raju. A few more projects are in the pipeline but that’s a conversation for later.

What is your future goal?

My goal is to become an accomplished actor with a diverse body of work to showcase. I owe my success to my sister Anju Asrani, It wouldn't have been possible to achieve success and fame at such an early stage without her.

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