Social media stalker's guide: Kareena makes dubsmash debut, Leonardo Dicaprio poses with Orangutan

Swetha Ramakrishnan

Apr,02 2016 14:49:09 IST

Editor's note: What's more fun than passing off stalking celebrities on social media as work?

Very little, right?

And so, we scanned the Instagram and Twitter accounts of celebs from India and abroad, to bring to you weekly updates from the interwebz. Who tweeted to whom? Who reposted last night's party pics? Who went on a rant about-... well, whatever it is Kanye West rants about. Whatever it is, don't worry, we've got you covered.

We stalk, you read. Deal?

This week we bring to you a debut, a nude selfie and some good old Leonardo DiCaprio lovin'!


Did you say Nude? 
Let's start with Kim Kardashian, who perhaps has the most predictable instagram post this week. Following her nude selfie a couple of weeks ago, and the social media backlash that followed, Kim K posted another nude selfie with model Emily Ratajkowski.

When we're like...we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata

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Fake news before April Fool's Day:  Mumbai Mirror had earlier reported that Farhan Akhtar is currently homeless as he's living with his sister Zoya Akhtar and had no access to the house. Akhtar was quick to rubbish the report, calling it a result of creativity. Let's just put it this way, the day Farhan Akhtar is homeless, we'll stop eating pizza.


Speaking of Leo...

Monkeying around with Leonardo DiCaprio:  At the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme’s Orangutan Quarantine Center in Indonesia, almost-extinct orangutans are rescued and taken care of before they are released back into the wild. Guess who went to visit these balls of fun? None other than Leonardo Di Caprio. We all need to take lessons from the Oscar winner (so good to finally be able to say that) on how to mix business and pleasure.

As the forest of the #Indonesian #LeuserEcosystem continues to be cleared to meet demand for Palm Oil, the critically endangered Sumatran #orangutan is being pushed to the brink of extinction. Here, at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme’s Orangutan Quarantine Center, rescued orangutans are rehabilitated so they can be released back into the wild. If we don't stop this rampant destruction, the Leuser Ecosystem and the Sumatran orangutans that call it home could be lost forever. Click the link in the bio to support this important work. #Indonesia A photo posted by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) on


Kareena Kapoor's dubsmash debut:  Raise your hands if Kareena's Poo avatar in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is your favourite of hers yet! While Kareena is known to be a social media recluse (she's one of those who believes celebs shouldn't be so easily accessible), she finally made her dubsmash debut in Gaurav Gera's famous 'shopkeeper' series.


Deepika's back in Toronto before you can spell Sri Lanka: There were several reports about Deepika Padukone's whereabouts in the last week. First she was supposed to have flown into Mumbai only for 24 hours. She then reportedly managed to squeeze in enough time to meet ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, before flying to Sri Lanka for her friend's wedding, where current boyfriend Ranveer Singh joined her.

Phew. While you're processing all that info, Padukone already made her way back to Toronto and resumed shooting for xXx. Wow, such professionalism!

This week's Kanye-isms (because why not?)


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