Slender Man trailer: A creepy as hell figure comes to life in this new horror movie

FP Staff

January 04, 2018 14:50:10 IST

Slender Man, which started as a creepypasta internet meme almost a decade ago, is now a feature length film.

Slender Man — the tall strange, creepy figure with a featureless face — has been striking fear into the hearts of internet users for a long time now. The fictitious figure which stalks, abducts and traumatises human beings, especially children, has been a part of numerous works of fiction across internet sites. It has also generated many controversies, most prominently in a incident in Wisconsin, USA where two 12-year-old girls fatally stabbed another girl of the same age 19 times to impress Slender Man.

A still from Slender Man trailer/Image from YouTube.

A still from Slender Man trailer/Image from YouTube.

Hollywood is now bringing Slender Man to the big screen in a movie of the same name. Directed by Sylvain White (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, The Losers), the Slender Man trailer is as scary as the fictitious character itself. We see frightened children standing in the cemetery, distraught parents with flashlights in dark woods, and crawling maggots.

Slender Man gets into the head of his victims and coaxes them to do unspeakably scary things; like stab themselves in the face with a scalpel in a classroom. As the trailer moves on, we see Slender Man possess several characters. "He gets in your head, like a virus," one of them explains.

Slender Man is scheduled to release on 18 May this year and stars Joey King, Annalise Basso, Jaz Sinclair and Julia Goldani Telles. You can watch the trailer below:

Updated Date: Jan 04, 2018 14:50 PM