Singh Saab The Great: Move over superheroes, Sunny Paaji's here

Mihir Fadnavis

Nov 25, 2013 07:59:35 IST

One does not simply review a Sunny Deol-Anil Sharma film. It would be like trying to grab a palm full of water, or explaining String Theory in one line. If you’ve seen Gadar, The Hero: Love story of a Spy and Apne, you’ll know that the films this duo makes transcend eons and multiverses, and their sum excellence cannot be quantified because they are beyond the realm of average human understanding. Only a far more superior species would be able to fully recognize the various layers and cryptic stratums of the films’ innate art.

As the trailers of Singh Saab the Great proclaimed, Sunny and Anil have come together. To make you understand how significant this combo is, I have to lead you to a Marvel metaphor. Sunny and Anil coming together is an epoch busting event - it's like Batman, Superman, X-Men and the Avengers coming together to punch one single ant, simultaneously. The resultant injuries suffered by the ant are what you experience whilst watching a Sunny-Anil movie. But the pain is sacred and therapeutic, because we’re blessed with what we get to see on screen; just as the ant is blessed with the touch of Marvel superheroes’ fists.

Now then.

Do you love lots of vintage Sunny Deol shouting?

Do you love random acts of pointless, loud and over the top violence?

Do you love watching actors get kicked, thrashed and killed in increasingly ridiculous ways?

Does your idea of a date night involve candlelight dinner, wine and some good old fashioned hammy acting, unintentionally funny writing and direction?

If so then Singh Saab the Great is the movie for YOU!

Since the written word doesn’t allow for Sunny Deol’s distinctive roars, I’ll settle for capitals. STAND UP AND WHISTLE as Sunny paaji makes his entry on a motorbike, through flames and random doves, in slow motion.

LAUGH WITH DELIGHT as Paaji grabs goondas, pours ghee over them, picks them up like a little toy with one hand and hurls them in a burning pyre.

 Singh Saab The Great: Move over superheroes, Sunny Paajis here

A screengrab of the film.

SOIL YOUR TROUSERS WITH EXHILARATION as the camera zooms a hundred times over Sunny paaji’s eyes and a tiger roars every time he opens them.

Plus, there’s 19-year-old Urvashi Rautela wearing 57 layers of makeup, displaying tremendous acting skills by smiling despite being paired with a hero 40 years her senior. Try to control your awe when Sunny kisses the heroine on her back, while wearing sunglasses, and says “Don’t I look like Dharmendra’s son now?” The film also has Prakash Raj as the only character he has played in the last 10 years, hurling Punjabi one-liners like a boss in a Kannada accent, hamming to the hilt and desecrating the goodwill he earned with Iruvar and Kanchivaram.

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a host of cash-grabby cameos from Johnny Lever, Shabaaz Chandrakanta Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma and Rajit Kapoor. If you squint, you might just see their paychecks sticking out of their pockets. But that would require you to shift your gaze from Sunny Deol, and that’s not allowed because there he is, proclaiming there is not just a Gandhi in him, but also a Sardar Patel and a Bhagat Singh. Watch as he kicks a goon in the stomach who lands on an electric fence which catches fire and explodes. Learn, Michael Bay, learn.

And try not to dislocate your jaw laughing when Paaji quotes Guru Govind Singh about sorting things out amicably, then grabs some swords thrown at him in mid-air and engages in a sword fight while an opera singer bellows ‘Singh Saab Singh Saab Singh Saab’.



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