Simi Garewal will pay tribute to Siddhartha co-star Shashi Kapoor at Melbourne Film Festival

FP Staff

Jul 25, 2018 16:41:53 IST

Shashi Kapoor's Siddhartha (1972) is scheduled to be screened at the Melbourne film festival this year as a gesture of acknowledging the actor's contribution to Indian cinema. The film which was directed by Conrad Brooks, was based on Harmann Hesse's book.

Still from Siddhartha (1972). Image from Facebook

Still from Siddhartha (1972). Image from Facebook

Simi Garewal, who was Kapoor's co-star in the film will host the screening of Siddhartha as a special gesture of the friendly rapport that the two shared, says Bombay Times. Garewal will also engage in a Q&A session with fans and audiences who would be in Melbourne from across the world.

Simi told Bombay Times, "Shashi was my friend, my co-star. I will talk about him at the festival before our film's screening. His personality had so many facets. He was a perfect co-star, a gentleman and a dear friend. He knew how to conduct himself, be it here or abroad. He never gave a chance to anybody to question his words or behaviour ever."

Talking about Kapoor's love for movies, Simi added, "Shashi's passion for meaningful cinema also made him stand out. As an actor and a producer, he was ready to put his money on films like Vijeta and 36 Chowringhee Lane, which may not have been considered to be commercially viable per se."

Updated Date: Jul 25, 2018 16:41:53 IST