Show me the sex: Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer is kinda lame

Simantini Dey

Jul 25, 2014 09:30:32 IST

The trailer of the much awaited film Fifty Shades of Grey is out. The film is an adaptation of a kinky romance novel written by EL James stars Dakota Johnson as the shy and virginal Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as the not-so-shy and very-much-into-S&M, Christian Grey. Take a look at the trailer here:

Before we start dissecting the trailer, here's a fun game for you. Quick, name the Hollywood hunks you think will pull off the shirtless-just-had-sex look that Dornan is attempting in the trailer? We are thinking Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Ian Somerhalder... in fact, forget about Hollywood hunks. Our very own Hrithik Roshan or Ranveer Singh would look better than Dornan.  Many big names were tossed around for Grey's role when the movie was first announced, but Charlie Hunnam was the final pick to play the role of suave and kinky Mr Grey in the upcoming film. Later, Hunnam dropped out and was replaced by Dornan.

For those of you who do not know him, Dornan is a former underwear model who briefly dated actress Keira Knightley. However, his claim to fame is his role in a popular television drama The Fall.  The actor doesn't quite look the part of S&M obsessed young billionaire in the trailer and his lukewarm kisses with Johnson makes you wonder if Fifty Shades of Grey was a romantic comedy as opposed to a hot, sexy erotica flick. But don't lose hope, at least the eye candy may compensate for his lack of intensity. Dornan has posted some stills from the film on his Instagram account where he does look sizzling hot.

 Show me the sex: Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer is kinda lame

A screengrab from youtube.

As far as the trailer is concerned it begins with the first chapter of the book, where Ana (Anastasia Steel) goes to interview the successful entrepreneur, Grey. Some of the most significant sequences also feature in the trailer, like the elevator kiss, Grey playing piano post sex sessions and lastly of course we are also given a glimpse of Grey's red room of pain.

Now, the question that has been on the minds of the fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey is: Will the movie be as dirty as the book? If the trailer is any indication the answer is a disappointing no.  There are no glimpses of Dakota Johnson's Ana going "holy crap" as she finds new levels of sexual ecstasy, nor do we see Darnon's Grey getting turned on at the sight of Steel biting her lower lip.  In fact, for most parts of the trailer we see them play the cute couple falling in love. In the end, however, we do get a glimpse of Grey's exclusive room full of whips, blindfolds, floggers and other such kinky gear. We also see a blindfolded and tied up Steel being dominated by Grey, but it is still hard to tell if the pair will truly get down and dirty in the film.

The makers are either saving the best parts for the film or readying us for disappointment. Not that it should make a difference to us since censors will likely scrub out every last trace of eroticism before it makes it to the Indian screen.

Johnson as the introvert Anastatia Steel seems believable. In a cardigan,  floral dress and ponytail she nails the look and is also convincing as the doe-eyed, non-adventurous college graduate. But we do not see any chemistry between her and Darnon in the trailer.

The only thing good about the trailer is Beyonce crooning Crazy in Love with her signature uh-oh-uh-oh in the background. With nothing steamy happening on screen, we at least have the singer turning up the heat with her sensuous voice.

Fifty Shades of Grey is set for release on 14 February, 2015. That's a pretty long lead time for a trailer that gives us little to look forward to.

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