Shivaay trailer 2: Ajay Devgn, Abigail Eames turn up the father-daughter bonding

FP Staff

October 24, 2016 16:12:20 IST

With its release just a few days away (on Friday, 28 October, to be precise), the Shivaay team has released a second official trailer for the Ajay Devgn starrer.

This one, while it certainly does have glimpses of the heart-stopping action that's being pitched as the highlight of Shivaay, focuses more on emotion.

Most of the screen space in this two-and-a-half minute trailer has been dedicated to establishing the relationship between Ajay Devgn's character and his daughter (played by Abigail Eames) in the film. It also offers a brief look at the romance between Devgn and Erika Kaar's characters.

This second trailer unfolds against the backdrop of a haunting track, and depicts Devgn's struggles to keep his little girl safe from the villains who seem to want him and his family dead. It also gives Devgn a chance to show off his histrionics, rather than just his super stunts.

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Oct 24, 2016 16:12 PM