Shahid Kapoor shares image of six-month-old daughter Misha for the first time

FP Staff

Feb 08, 2017 17:00:38 IST

Shahid Kapoor has finally shared a picture of his six month old daughter Misha.

The actor had expressed his reservation towards exposing the newborn to the incessant flashes of the paparazzi. Now, he has taken it upon himself to share the picture of Misha with his fans, through his Instagram account.

Kapoor posted a picture of his wife Mira Rajput lying down and kissing Misha who rests on her mother, facing the camera. The adorable toddler has certainly taken after her charming father, as evident in the picture.

The Indian Express reported that Shahid was planning to share Misha's picture with his fans sometime this month. However, he wanted the occasion to be special and hinted at his birthday on 25 February. However, for reasons best known to him, Shahid decided not to wait for another 17 days and posted the picture on 8 February instead.

Hello world. 🌼

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Shahid and Mira got married on 7 July two years ago and gave birth to Misha on 26 August. But ever since then, the media managed to capture only a few glances of the baby daughter as Shahid made it a point to keep his bundle of joy covered during all their public appearances, in order to prevent her from the lightening flashes of the paparazzi.

Now that the actor ha posted a picture, Misha has officially been introduced to the world. In fact, Shahid posted the picture along with the brief yet adorably accurate caption, 'Hello World'.

Shahid and Mira recently shared the couch on filmmaker Karan Johar's infamous talk show Koffee with Karan and spoke at length about their first meeting, courtship period, arranged marriage and welcoming their daughter Misha into the world. While critics panned Shahid for letting Mira give birth to Misha at such a young age, the actor brushed the allegations aside by saying that Mira did so out of choice.

Updated Date: Feb 08, 2017 17:14:28 IST