Shah Rukh Khan ex-employee gives us a sneak-peek into his life; but could it be too good to be true?

FP Staff

Sep,02 2016 19:50:35 IST

"What is the Shah Rukh Khan like in his private life?" A question every fan of the superstar may have pondered, but one deemed fit to ask on the popular question and answer site Quora.

Shah Rukh Khan. Reuters

Shah Rukh Khan. Image courtesy Reuters

Fortunately for the questioner, an ex-employee of the actor responded to the question and gave us all a rare insight into the life of the superstar.

While most of the facts stated by her have always been in the public domain, when shared by someone closely associated with him, the regular anecdotes also gained colour.

The answer was posted anonymously as the person is still working in the same industry.

She spoke about his generosity and said that the actor maintains a small department only to handle charities and to look out for any special requests made by fans on social media.

Among other things the ex-employee also revealed about his family life.

"He’s a dedicated family man. We weren’t allowed to cancel or shift his ‘family time’ on his schedule unless absolutely necessary and without asking him first. Whenever his children were in India, a part of the day was dedicated to them and we weren’t allowed to contact him directly regarding work during that time," the former employee wrote on Quora.

Her post also mentions Khan's soft corner for Delhi food and specially for chhole bhature.

She shared a particular anecdote on Quora, "I had once brought two packed plates of it for myself when I came back to Mumbai from Delhi. He heard me bragging about it in the corridor and told me to inform him when I was having lunch. He said he hasn’t had the dish in so long and was craving a bite. I thought he was joking because he frequently made these Delhi-reference jokes with me as I was his only home-office employee from Delhi. But he wasn’t joking! He actually came to the cafeteria during my lunch break, sat across the table and had all my chhole bhature! LOL. He usually follows a diet, but that day was not one of those days."

Comparing the star to Chandler from Friends, the former employee says, "I remember thinking he could have been a crazy successful stand-up comedian if he wasn’t an actor."

While the post makes all Shah Rukh fans go weak in their knees, it all sounds too good to be true. At a time when it is not too hard for anybody to plant a good story about a star, could this be just another publicity gig?

Updated Date: Sep 02, 2016 19:50 PM