Scarlett Johansson to reportedly earn $15 mn for Marvel's stanadlone Black Widow film

FP Staff

Oct 12, 2018 18:18:38 IST

After appearing as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for six films, Scarlett Johansson has reportedly earned herself a paycheck of $15 million for her upcoming standalone film, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Scarlett Johansson to reportedly earn  mn for Marvels stanadlone Black Widow film

Black Widow is one of the oldest Avengers in the MCU. Image courtesy: @avengers/Facebook

The report adds that Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth received a similar fee for their appearances in Captain America and Thor respectively and for their roles in Avengers: Infinity War. They had the same deal even for Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok as well as the upcoming fourth Avengers film.

Typically, Marvel is prone to keep low salaries for actors during their first outing, though Chadwick Boseman is believed to have received a seven-figure pay package for Black Panther and the fee is expected to take a significant hike for the sequel.

Though the figures may seem enormous, they are justified if the audience involvement with Marvel movies are taken into consideration. Almost a decade into the Marvel franchise, the last film i.e, Infinity War grossed approximately $2 billion.

Although sources confirmed Johansson's Black Widow pay figure, a Marvel spokesperson released a statement disputing the figures saying that the company had a strict policy of never revealing the figures publicly.

Updated Date: Nov 15, 2018 13:29:07 IST