Savarakathi movie review: Quirky theme, presentation makes this Mysskin film work

Sreedhar Pillai

Feb,09 2018 21:17:03 IST


Director has usually been associated with films which are off-beat, dark crime thrillers exploring human relationships and behaviour. Similarly director Ram has also been making meaningful films full of pathos. So when Mysskin turned producer, he asked his brother GR Adithya to direct Savarakathi (Barber’s Knife). Adithya brought together Ram as the protagonist and Mysskin as the antagonist and chose a script written by Mysskin that is laced with black comedy, human emotions and reality.

Savarakathi works to a large extent due to its quirky theme and presentation, including the realistic ending. The film has the Mysskin touch and is an adequate answer to his critics who feel that he cannot make a film which has humour built into it. 

Youtube still from Savarakathi.

Youtube still from Savarakathi.

The hero of the film is Picha (Ram), who ekes out a living as a barber and is constantly bluffing and lying to his customers.  His wife Subadra (Poorna) is slightly deaf and pregnant for the third time. One day she comes to his barber shop, makes a scene and forces him to accompany her and their two kids to meet her brother, Raghu, who has eloped with a rich girl. They need to reach the Registar’s office before the girl’s parents stop the marriage. On the way, Picha’s bike gets knocked down by an SUV in which the dreaded don Manga (Mysskin) is travelling. He is out on parole and has to get back to the jail by evening. The loud mouthed Picha abuses Manga and his gang and punches him in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. Manga swears he will chop off the hand that punched him and sets off in search of Picha.

Mysskin is terrific as Manga — a character who is deadly, yet has comic touches at the same time. Ram is convincing as the barber, especially in the climax scene and during the final confrontation with his nemesis. Director Adithya proves that he can bring in subtle humour yet make us laugh at the same time. The entire film takes place over the course of a single day and is one long chase with its absurd twists and turns. The pace is racy at 114 minutes, with only one background score towards the climax . The film falters in the climax as the dark comedy turns into Mysskin's familiar weakness for pathos and stark reality. 

Youtube still from Savarakathi.

Youtube still from Savarakathi.

The film belongs to Poorna who is outstanding as the fully pregnant woman, who has to suffer due to the foolishness of her husband. Arrol Correli’s background score is another highlight of the film. On the whole the film has its moments yet it still retains the Mysskin flavour.

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