Sarkar plagiarism row: AR Murgadoss agrees to add letter of appreciation in film's opening credits

Raja Sekar

Oct 30, 2018 16:24:48 IST

Director AR Murugadoss and a struggling associate director named Varun aka Rajendran have found an amicable solution over the plagiarism charges in the core plot of actor Vijay’s Sarkar.

After the legal proceedings in Madras High Court, Bhagyaraj, the President of South Indian Film Writers Association who supported Varun from the beginning said: “Right after Varun came to the association with this issue of the resemblance between his script Sengol and Sarkar, I suggested Murugadoss to credit Varun's name in the title card saying both of them conceived a similar concept. But Murugadoss thought that crediting Varun would affect his name in the industry and people might speak ill of his creative capacity. Now, all issues have been sorted out. I thank producers like Dhananjayan for their involvement in solving this issue”.

 Sarkar plagiarism row: AR Murgadoss agrees to add letter of appreciation in films opening credits

AR Murugadoss. Image from Twitter @KumaruVadai

Bhagyaraj also added: “One person who was highly affected in the issue is me because my son Shanthnu, a big fan of Vijay was mercilessly attacked on Twitter. Fans of Vijay should understand that I’m not against their favorite actor but as a President of South Indian Film Writers Association, I should ideally help a struggling assistant director like Varun. At this juncture, I should also thank Vijay because when I brought this issue to his notice, all he said was ‘Sir, please proceed with what you feel right in this issue. Murugadoss is confident of handling this legally, don’t worry’. Vijay neither convinced me nor used his influence to solve the issue”.

When reporters asked whether Murugadoss has agreed to give the story credit to Varun, Bhagyaraj said: “Varun’s name will be recognised at the beginning of the film saying that he also imagined a similar concept before Murugadoss”.

Varun, who was seen along with Bhagyaraj, said: “I wrote the story of Sengol keeping Vijay in mind but it didn’t happen. This letter of appreciation itself is a recognition for me”. Following is the letter which will be shown in the opening credits of Sarkar for thirty seconds.

“Denying the fundamental right of voters by bogus voting is a dangerous crime affecting the welfare of our country...  After discussing [for] months I wrote the script for 'SARKAR' and directed the movie. I came to know that one Co-Director Mr.K.V.Rajendran had also imagined the same theme and had registered his script with our South Indian Film Writers Association. I am recording this to praise upcoming Co-Director Mr.K.V.Rajendran for having imagined and having registered his script before me. I hereby convey my heartfelt thanks to our South Indian Film Writers' Association for identifying a talented colleague to the cinema world- AR Murugadoss, Director of Sarkar”.

On his Twitter page, AR Murugadoss posted a video in which he said: “As usual, a lot of rumors have been spreading on the internet so here is my brief explanation. Respectable Bhagyaraj told me that the concept of the protagonist losing his fundamental rights of voting to an unknown person is same in Sarkar and another script written by an assistant director who registered it ten years back. To encourage and recognise his work, an appreciation letter will be shown in the beginning of the film. Other than the letter, you will only see my name under the story, screenplay and direction section. Happy Diwali, enjoy”.

It is worth mentioning that earlier Murugadoss blamed Bhagyaraj for his biased approach in the issue but our sources say that on Monday, both of them had a long conversation in the presence of industry well-wishers who suggested them to reach an out of the court compromise.  Reliable sources say that Murugadoss will soon meet the media to explain his side story.

Sarkar is now all set to release in more than 3000 screens for this Diwali in Tamil and Telugu.

Updated Date: Oct 30, 2018 16:27:06 IST