Sarkar 3 trailer: Amitabh Bachchan looks menacing as Subhash Nagre

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Apr 26, 2017 13:32:32 IST

Amitabh Bachchan's character looks menacing in the latest trailer of Sarkar 3, where he declares that he will draw blood for the first time 35 years after he last killed someone with his own hands.


The trailer opens with the line, "A wounded lion is the most dangerous."

We see a garlanded picture of Abhishek Bachchan, who played his son Shankar in the last film and are warned that after the death of his sons, Bachchan has become even more dangerous. He looks formidable even while sipping tea, dressed in the signature black kurta and wearing a rudraksh necklace.

We are introduced to several characters, such as Manoj Bajpayee's Govind, who is a politician, and Jackie Shroff's Vallya, a tycoon. There are meditations on politics, power and death as well.

Sarkar 3 will see Amitabh Bachchan reprise his role as Subhash Nagre, loosely based on late Maharashtrian politician Bal Thackeray.

This film is the third in the Sarkar series directed by Ram Gopal Varma; the first was released in 2005, and the sequel Sarkar Raj was released in 2008. All of these films are set in the world of Indian politics.

Sarkar 3 also stars Amit Sadh, Yami Gautam, Rohini Hattangadi, Ronit Roy and Bharat Dabholkar. Amit Sadh plays Shivaji, Sarkar's grandon and Yami Gautam's character seems to be sensuous and has vested interests. It is set to release on 7 April, 2017.

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Apr 26, 2017 13:32:32 IST

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