Sandra Bullock's bizarre beauty secret involves Korean babies — today in wait, what?

FP Staff

May 18, 2018 15:22:44 IST

We have one question for Sandra Bullock: Has she sold her soul to the devil?

If Kim Kardashian's vampire facial made you throw up a little, we need you to have a seat and an energy drink.

Sandra Bullock just dropped a bomb on The Ellen DeGeneres Show by revealing her beauty secret and it's the stuff made of nightmares. Popularly called the "p*nis facial" the process involves a couple of freaks beauty experts injecting a Korean baby's foreskin into the face through micro-needling. Ironically, 'micro-needling' is the only term that sounds normal in this bizarre procedure.

Is he next? Image from Facebook/Eu amo Japoneses

Don't leave your kids around Sandra Bullock. Image from Facebook/Eu amo Japoneses

Bullock swears by it and says that the facial is the secret to her youthful looks. Does that mean we should be okay with it? What's next? Chinese baby foot facial? Indian baby toe facial? Brazilian baby butt facial? Beauty and fashion is great and creative but shouldn't there be a line drawn somewhere to demarcate beauty trends from occult?

Bullock clarified by saying that it's not like she's "lying there with little pieces all over my face". Well, great. This sounds like the most gentle, safest beauty procedure one could undergo. Just a little piece of skin in the injection and tada — hello, youth.

Who are these Koren babies anyway? If it's because of their blooming beauty industry, maybe Bullock should try their foundation?

Does Bullock know that this isn't the best time to be injecting skin from Korean babies into your pores? For what it's worth, this is probably the only time the US is thankful for Trump for his budding bromance with Kim Jong-Un.

Pro-tip: Don't leave your kids around Sandra Bullock.

Watch the interview here:

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