Salman Khan's co-star from Veergati, Pooja Dadwal, is ill and reportedly trying to contact the superstar for financial aid

FP Staff

Mar 19, 2018 16:55:50 IST

Pooja Dadwal, former Bollywood actress who co-starred with Salman Khan in 1995 movie Veergati, is reportedly trying to reach out to the superstar for financial aid.

According to a report in Navbharat Times, Dadwal is suffering from tuberculosis and lung-related ailment. She has been admitted to Mumbai's TB Hospital, Sewri for the past 15 days.

The report also says that Dadwal has tried to get in touch with the 52-year-old actor to ask for financial help, but apparently Salman Khan has not responded yet.

"I got to know six months ago that I was suffering from tuberculosis. After learning about this I tried to contact Salman Khan but there's been no response yet," Navbharat Times quoted Dadwal as saying.

Dadwal claims that her financial condition is extremely weak. The Navbharat Times report quotes her saying that she was a casino manager in Goa before she got diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Poster for Veergati/Image from Twitter.

Poster for Veergati/Image from Twitter.

"If Salman Khan sees my video, he might help me. I have been admitted to the hospital for 15 days now. I was the manager at a casino in Goa for several years. I am penniless. I am dependent on others for even a cup of tea," she told Navbharat Times.

Navbharat Times has reported that Pooja Dadwal's husband and in-laws abandoned her once her health started deteriorating.

While Salman Khan is yet to respond, a section on Twitter has urged the superstar to lend a helping hand. The actor is known for his charity endeavor Being Human.

Pooja Dadwal has also starred in films like InteqamHindustan and Dabdaba.

Updated Date: Mar 19, 2018 16:55:50 IST