'Salman Khan is really angry': Arijit Singh writes open letter to the actor, then deletes it

FP Staff

May 25, 2016 10:13:57 IST

Hell hath no fury as an offended Salman Khan. Or at least this is what singer Arijit Singh believes.

Late on Tuesday night, Arijit Singh posted an open letter to the Sultan actor, apologising to him about a feud he didn't elaborate on. He then requested Salman to retain a song of his in Sultan. However, after a couple of hours, Singh deleted his post.

Here's a screen shot of the letter before it was deleted:


Going by this letter it looks like all is not well between the singer and the crew of Sultan. For whatever reason, a song sung by Arijit has been dropped from the film. After deleting the original post, he put up another status message about the issue:

The reasons aren't definitive, but there's ample speculation. Reportedly, Arijit Singh irked Salman during a music event, however several tweets regarding the matter (Arijit Singh has been trending for all of Wednesday morning) claim that the actor is actually upset with music director Mithoon.

In an exclusive interview with Indian Express, Arijit Singh spoke about his post, but didn't divulge too many details.

"I got to know about this couple of hours ago from the studio. That’s why trying to save it with the last possible way. Have been trying to meet him about this as well. Well he is really angry. But I hope things will be okay soon," said Singh.

He further states that he hasn't reached out to Yash Raj Films, who would have made the call on whether to include his song or not, and has no clue who makes the decision.

Salman Khan, on the other hand, has maintained silence on the matter.

Updated Date: May 25, 2016 10:13 AM